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Voyage Century Online

Autumn fishing festival under way.

Voyage Century is holding a Fishing Festival event until October 31st. During the event, players can use a fishing rod with fishing bait to fish on the open sea. There are kinds of rare fish such as the Deep-sea Sword Fish, Deep-sea Tuna, Deep-sea Salmon, Deep-sea Eel and others. If players are not satisfied with these, there are still fierce Great White Sharks. Different kinds of fish are scattered everywhere in the whole sea.

Players can obtain different fishing points for different kinds of fish they catch, such as Anchovies, Sturgeon, Sardines, Cod and Herring. Players can exchange these fish for abundant silver coins from the Fishing contest judge. 100 high quality sturgeons can be exchanged for 15 million silver coins.

Apart from the silver coins, players can also disassemble the rare fish to obtain cool items randomly. In addition, players can collect a certain number of rare fish to exchange for all kinds of valuable prizes from the Zealous Fish Collector!

There is also a fishing contest during the festival. After the event ends, we will present the top ten winning players who possess the most fishing points from each server with abundant rewards. All winning players will obtain a bottle of Holy Water and titles. The top 3 players will obtain advanced refining items.

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