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Voyage Century Online

All about clothes charms.

With Thanksgiving just past, some of the clothes charms are still on sale in our Item Mall, so now is the best time to get a new clothes charm as a Thanksgiving gift. Before you buy it, we are going to talk to you about these clothes charms.

Clothes Full of Cultural Elements

Various clothes charms vividly represent the culture in different countries. For instance, there are classical Chinese clothes charms, elegant Japanese kimonos, Wild African clothes, and graceful European gowns, all of which provides a broad selection to choose from. In addition, after you put one on, some lucky things may happen to you. Silver coins, treasure map fragments, or even refining gems may just fall into your pockets one day.

Professional Clothes Charms Exude Confidence

Players wearing professional clothes charms will have an easier time at work, because professional clothes charms with different attributes will help players from many different professional fields. For instance, an Admiral of the Navy Charm will help you become a force on the high seas, the zillionaire clothes charm can even help you do your taxes. The Future Fighter Charm and Dragon Rider Charm will drastically improve your land battle abilities.

Click here to find out more info about these unique clothes charms.

0.48 Update Patch

The current version 0.46 will be updated to V0.48 on Nov. 28th. Here are the updated contents:

1. Some spelling errors have been fixed.

2. In the chat box, now words will not be split across two lines

3. 8 new refining items offering a 100% refining success rate can be obtained from the fishing event.

4. The Magic Stone description has been updated to correct earlier errors. Magic stones are only available for Jewelry.

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