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Voyage Century Online

All about business ships.

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk to you a little bit about business ships and how they can help you corner whatever particular market you’re in.

If you’re a businessman in Voyage Century, and want to get rich, you may not need to be extremely smart or shrewd, but owning a business ship is an absolute necessity, because it’s the passport to riches. Now let’s check out these business ships and see which one would be right for your business.

Zhenghe Treasure Ship

The unique features of this ship are the dragon totem at the fore, and the 2 vivid dragons featured on both sides of the ship, as well as a loft in the middle of the ship for crew and storage. The inspiration for this exquisite design comes from ancient Chinese ship building styles.

The overall performance of this ship is very good, and it has decent carrying capacity, so many businessmen who ship goods in relatively large amount on a regular basis have come to really appreciate this vessel.

Ocean Multi Mast Trade Ship

The explosion of the sea trade has promoted the rapid development of ship manufacturing in Europe. This ship is specifically designed for the modern sea trade, where a large capacity, high sailing speed, and high safety are essential. It is a level 11 business ship.

Heavy Multi Mast Trade Ship

This ship is the top dog among business ships. Magnificent design, ample power, high sailing speed, and unmatched safety system make this ship a dream for businessmen. Ordinary sea storms don’t even pose a threat to this ship! It is more than a ship actually, it’s a symbol of status in Voyage Century. Only a few powerful businessmen own this ship.

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