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Voyage Century Online

A treasure map overview.

Do you still remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Have you ever dreamed that one day you can find abundant treasure like Ali Baba? Well, while X usually does not mark the spot, and “Open sesame” probably won’t open many doors, the team at Voyage Century knows that there is a lot of treasure just waiting to be discovered.

A treasure map is the key to your dreams of fortune and fame, however, it’s not easy to obtain a complete map, because it is usually made up of several little pieces which are obtained from monsters, quests, etc… If you are lucky enough, sometimes you may find some right under your nose. After obtaining enough map fragments, you can find a treasure hunter to make a complete treasure map.

The complete treasure map will tell you the location of the treasure, and then you must go directly to the location to pursue your treasure!

What does the treasure contain? Money, rare blueprints, jewelry, gems, diamonds, high-level gear, valuable items… Basically, it contains whatever you want! J

In Voyage Century, the treasure not only exists on ground, but also exists on the high seas. You will definitely find these treasures as long as you have patience and fortitude. Glittering treasure awaits those that seek it out, my friends!

Navigate your way to adventure…and treasure, with Voyage Century Online!

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