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Vision Game Engine

Version 8 to bundle the FMOD audio toolset.

Eningen, Germany – Nov 30, 2010–  Trinigy , an industry leading 3D game engine provider with over 150 licensees and offices in Germany and Austin, TX, today announced a strategic partnership with Firelight Technologies, makers of the award-winning FMOD audio toolset. Under the agreement, Trinigy and Firelight will enhance the existing integration between Trinigy’s Vision Engine and Firelight’s FMOD Ex suite of cross-platform digital audio tools by giving developers access to all of FMOD’s features directly in the Vision Engine SDK. Moreover, FMOD will be included free-of-charge to Vision Engine licensees.

Now in its eighth iteration, Trinigy’s Vision Engine is a mature, versatile and proven game engine known for its flexibility, its cross-platform performance and the freedom it gives developers in the creation of their games. In keeping with this policy of flexibility, the engine will continue to support other third-party audio solutions while delivering the full-featured FMOD Ex suite, the flagship solution in Firelight’s renowned audio middleware line, to Vision Engine licensees without added cost. The companies have also agreed on joint developer support activities in the agreement, so that Vision Engine customers will benefit from Trinigy’s premiere support for FMOD support issues.

“We have successfully worked with the Firelight team for a few years now and many of our customers are utilizing and praising their technology,” said Felix Roeken, general manager at Trinigy. “FMOD not only provides developers with a scalable solution; it supports more platforms than any competing product on the market, including Windows, Linux, iOS and every major video game console, making it the ideal audio solution for our diverse customer base.”

“Partnering with Trinigy to make FMOD Ex the lead audio toolset in Vision Engine 8 was a natural move,” said Brett Paterson, CEO at Firelight Technologies. “FMOD is fast becoming the de facto audio middleware for game developers. At the same time, Trinigy continues to drive the adoption of its powerful game engine. The new bundle is a win-win for both of our companies, as it will further increase access to our solution while enhancing the cross-platform audio options for Vision Engine customers."

Trinigy and Firelight will continue to work on the integration in the coming months. Interested developers can take advantage of the bundled offer immediately. For more information, visit or contact .


About Trinigy

Based in Southern Germany, Austin, TX and Seoul, Korea, Trinigy is a privately owned company committed to providing groundbreaking game engine technology and first-class support to video game and serious game development studios across the globe. Engineered to provide more creative and technical freedom, the company’s Vision Engine iscurrently in use in more than 150 commercial game productions by well-known companies such as Ubisoft, Take 2, Dreamcatcher, NeoWiz, Spellbound, TimeGate Studios, Robot Entertainment, Nitro Games and more.

The Vision Engine has proven its versatility in a multitude of game genres, including real-time strategy, racing, first-person shooters, role-playing games and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. It is available and optimized for performance on PC (DX9, DX10, DX11), Xbox360®, PLAYSTATION®3, Nintendo Wii™, XBLA™, PSN™, WiiWare™, and now, most common browsers.

For more information about Trinigy, its Vision Engine or its technology partners, please visit: .

About FMOD:

Winner of the 2008 Frontline Award for Best Audio Tool, the FMOD Ex Programmer's API is a world-leading library for the creation and playback of interactive audio. FMOD products are widely used in the games industry and have gained a strong reputation for their ease of use, powerful software-mixed architecture and comprehensive cross-platform support. FMOD supplies audio solutions to many of the leading video game developers. FMOD also has established support for the largest range of platforms and also supports many of the widely used development engines such as CryENGINE, Unity, Vision and Unreal Engine 3. FMOD is also used widely in the Simulator market, both civil and defence and includes clients such as Lockheed Martin, and Kraus Maffei© All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Current FMOD titles include: Guitar Hero, Dragon Age, Alan Wake, Bioshock 2, Starcraft2 , Sim City iPad, WoW, Lego Universe, Just Cause 2, Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. FMOD has also supported some 200 + iPhone projects.

© 2010. Trinigy GmbH. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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