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Virtuos - Virtuos Academy

To train students for careers in the videogame industry.

Shanghai, November 11, 2010 - Virtuos today announced that it will open a game training center in Shanghai for the training of digital entertainment professionals in China.  Virtuos Academy will offer higher education to those who would like to pursue studies and careers in the videogame industry. The first round of classes will start December 2nd, and enrollment is now open.

Virtuos Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Virtuos Ltd, and is the first internationally owned and managed game training center to be officially licensed by the Shanghai government.  It will offer 3D game art training, game animation training, game design, game programming, and other training related to game development.

Virtuos Academy represents the expansion of Virtuos’ own longstanding internal game training program at its Shanghai development center. The instructors are all real game professionals and active game developers.

 “Virtuos Academy is founded on the framework of how to deliver real games, with intense training programs based on the real-life game development training scenarios, workflows and technologies,” said Virtuos Academy Headmaster Richard Xu. “Students will be trained on the same techniques and the same types of high-end equipment that Virtuos uses to deliver services for its clients – clients including 15 of the top 20 game companies in the world.”

With a local game market worth $1.2 billion, China is the N°1 online game market in Asia and has a large talent pool of people passionate about games.

“Virtuos Academy will be the most selective game development school in China, admitting only the talents with the highest potential for success,” said Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtuos Ltd. “Virtuos Academy will provide these highly qualified personnel not only to the Chinese videogame industry to sustain its formidable growth and productivity, but also to the digital entertainment industry overseas.” Virtuos’ reputation and existing relationships with big names in digital entertainment will help ensure that Virtuos Academy graduates enjoy a wide variety of employment options and contribute to China’s rapid growth as a digital content creation hub.

Students interested in pursuing a career with the help of the Virtuos Academy’s training programs are invited to visit the Virtuos Academy website to enroll today.

About Virtuos

With offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Vancouver, Paris and Tokyo, Virtuos is one of the largest and most international providers of digital entertainment offshore production services, specializing in 3D Art and Co-development. Virtuos’ international management team includes experts from more than 10 nationalities. Virtuos clients include 15 of the top 20 games publishers worldwide as well as renowned developers.

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