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Russian MMO business strategy game going global.

In June 2009 one of the most popular Russian Internet games rises to a new level and launches its English version. 'Virtonomics' is a massively multiplayer online business-strategy. For 2 years of its existence the project managed to join more than 400 000 users in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Baltic States and other regions.

It is quite obvious now that 'Virtonomics' is no longer content with the simple status of a single-language server, and is absolutely ready to go beyond this limit. In addition to English, we are planning to enter Chinese and Arabic markets, expand audience by Spanish and Portuguese communities.

The reason of 'Virtonomics' successul development is its unique gameplay, which reconstructs in details the world of real economic and real business. The game is turn-based, which means that the user doesn't have to stay online all the time: visiting web-site once a day is enough. In this way 'Virtonomics' is more like a kind of advanced chess, than some classic online-game. 'Virtonomics' is a perfect business simulator, and with its help you can obtain a lot of specific skills in management, marketing, economic cooperation, business optimization, finance control, etc.

This is a browser-based game, so you don't have to download any files or install any software. You only need any kind of Internet connection and a web-browser to enter the exciting world of virtual business. First of all, there are no compulsory fees in 'Virtonomics', and that makes our game more attractive for the wide range of users. Besides, we are constantly expanding the borders of 'Virtonomics' world and create new countries, new goods and new production sectors.

All the possible industries of real economy are represented in the game: agriculture, mining, retail trade, scientific research and others. Each player is free to choose his own strategy: whether to build a complex holding and participate in severe market competition, or to carve an individual and original way. It doesn't matter which road will lead you to the top, the most important is not to forget about the final goal – establishment of your own profitable and successful business.

'Virtonomics' is not just a fascinating online-game, it is also a perfect training system. It might be very useful for the students of business schools and economic colleges, as well as for already graduated managers who want to know more about economic principles in practice and try themselves in various business situations.

'Virtonomics' provide unique advertising possibilities, since its audience is composed of people who are interested in economic, business and management. There are several kinds of advertising in our game: in addition to traditional product placement, context and banner ads, you can also try some special ways of brand integration. For example, your brand might be included in user competitions and auctions, or you can build a trade network on the basis of your own trade mark. 'Virtonomics' is a source of indispensable information for marketing and social studies; your unlimited ground for various advertising campaigns and advertising research.

Besides, 'Virtonomics' game community is of special value owing to business-oriented ideology of its members: it's very easy to find a reliable business partner, a high-skilled employee or a real employeer among 'Virtonomics' players. All you need is just become a part of it.

'Virtonomics' has proved its uniquness and originality by gaining thousands of fans in different countries, but we actually believe that this project is still in the very beginning of its long and bright way. We'll keep moving forward and hope that you'll join us in this virtual world of big business and big opportunities!

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