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Aim to wipe out Earth's entire population in first iPhone creation from new West Yorkshire studio.

February 5, 2011 – West Yorkshire – Viral, the first iPhone game developed by West Yorkshire based developer Noisy Badger, is now available for download for 59p on the apple app store. Players use their ingenuity to initially create an infectious virus, which they can then infect upon a country of their choosing. After unleashing their virus, the player can then evolve it to better aid the spread to other countries based on each countries’ different attributes. The aim of the game is to wipe out the entire human population of earth.

Viral features:

•             A challenging, ingenuity-led approach to gameplay, with players required to use their common sense to best solve problems. If a country has too robust an attribute, it is up to the player to work out how best to evolve their virus to combat that particular country.

•             Addictive gameplay

•             An innovative concept, expanded and redefined in 3D

Noisy Badger was founded by two graduates of the University of Central Lancashire, Oliver Harris and Alex Bowes, who studied Computer Games Design and Computer Games Development respectively.


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