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Gnoll Chieftain boss monster revealed via the medium of screenshots.

Vindictus fans looking for a formidable challenge will be satisfyingly surprised with the introduction of the Gnoll Chieftain in Nexon America’s upcoming physics-based multiplayer online action role-playing game.

The Gnoll Chieftain, known for his distinctive coat of red fur, is a powerful spiritual leader amongst the Gnolls. The Gnoll Chieftain and his followers have become extremely hostile and aggressive to the humans, breaking the once uneasy peace, and have begun to attack soldiers training in the Perilous Ruins. His clan once kept an uneasy peace with the humans, but recently that all changed.

Players interested in finding out the motivation to the Gnoll Chieftain’s sudden change of heart will soon be able to jump into the game and team up with others to stop the violence and defeat the aggressive beast.

To find out more about the Gnoll Chieftain and join the battle, visit Join other fans at

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