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Village Destroyed, Barbarians Unleashed: "Small Arms" Premium Content Blamed

Latest Premium Content for Popular Franchise Introduces New Characters, New Battlefields, and New Achievements; Free Title Update Launched


SEATTLE (JUNE 5, 2007) -- A remote village was razed to the ground today, following sightings of a wild band of barbarians. Gastronaut Studios LLC, the award-winning creative powerhouse of fun, sociable video games, has claimed responsibility, citing premium downloadable content and a free Title Update for Xbox LIVE® Arcade title "Small Arms" as the cause of the violence. Sources at the scene have said that players will be able to download two playable

characters, two distinctive battlefields, and access two unique achievements from Xbox LIVE Marketplace, all for only 250 Microsoft® points. The update and new content are both scheduled to launch tomorrow on June 6th.

Frozen together, sharing their most intimate secrets for a million years, barbarians Ivar and Gullarp know everything about each other. Now you will, too. Meet Ivar, a four-time 'Mr. Arctic-Ice Tournament' ice fishing champion with a penchant for recycling and defending the environment. He's especially protective about his favorite fishing spot, the Arctic Ice Floe, as unlucky seafarers recently discovered! Now meet Gullarp. He enjoys the outdoors, long raids of small defenseless villages, and an occasional round of penguin bowling. Gullarp is proud to display his handiwork at the Pillaged Village.

"The latest premium content for 'Small Arms' brings to the table stunning, never-before-seen visuals that add a whole new dimension to the intense, frantic action," said Don Wurster, co-director at Gastronaut. "We hope players enjoy Ivar's Arctic Ice Floe and Gullarp's Pillaged Village, an office favorite, as much as we do."

Premium content boasts:

Two playable characters: Recycle your opponents as Ivar, the sabretooth tiger druid, or as Gullarp, the bald wooly mammoth. Two distinctive battlefields: Go fishing for friends on the Arctic Ice Floe, or fight for glory amid the rubble of Pillaged Village. Two unique achievements: Become an Honorary Barbarian by completing Mission Mode as any new character, or launch a career as a Barbaric Recruiter by hosting a multiplayer game on any new battlefield.

Title Update features:

New options enable the in-game display of player indicators and Gamertags to help players navigate moments of intense action. Performance enhancements: Improved frame rate and reduced tearing. Smarter leaderboards: More efficiently and accurately track player positions. Tighter weapons balance: Based on user feedback, provides for the best gameplay experience. Bug Fixes And an assortment of upgrades that resolve issues related, but not limited, to Achievements and Xbox LIVE Multiplayer.

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Gastronaut Studios is the award-winning creative powerhouse of fun, sociable video games headquartered in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Gastronaut was first to launch an exclusive title, "Fuzzee Fever", for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Following the highly anticipated release of "Small Arms", the independent developer has been widely recognized for uncharacteristically high production values. For more information on Gastronaut Studios, visit


Don Wurster

Gastronaut Studios LLC

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