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Vikings of Thule

Update brings interactive settlements, a redesigned battle arena and a chat area.

Reykjavik – December 02, 2010 - Gogogic is proud to announce a major new release for Vikings of Thule. New features will include interactive settlements, a redesigned battle arena, a chat area and a wide variety of new weapons, clothing, and armor to equip your character. The game will also be made available on the popular hi5 social network in December.

“Our last release focused on making the game run faster for our players.  We are now releasing this content update with more interactivity and new gameplay elements.  Additionally, we are excited to bring Vikings of Thule to the millions of people that play games on hi5,“ says Jonas Antonsson, the CEO of Gogogic.

“We are adding loads of new weapons, clothing and armor. To accommodate these new items, we had to slightly rebalanced the attributes of existing items. Players that already own powerful weapons, strong armor and cool clothing will find that their items are just as valuable, though their attributes may have been slightly adjusted to properly balance them with the wide variety of new items,“ Antonsson adds.

Interactive Settlements

Players can now have a deeper, interactive experience by visiting each of Thule‘s four settlements.  In the settlements, players will be able to visit different people and areas to go about a number of daily tasks.  Players can trade with merchants or interact with their friends via the Skald.  The quartermaster, blacksmith and seamstress help players obtain the weapons, new battle moves, armor or clothing that their Vikings will need to survive in Thule. Vikings will even be able to visit the mysterious seeress to obtain special, powerful items. When it is time to settle the score on who is the ultimate Viking Chief, players can enter the battle arena and duel in the unique live Player Versus Player system. Alternatively, a player can choose to fight against the game‘s advanced AI system through offline dueling.

Battle Arena with Chat and random duel assignment

The new version of Vikings of Thule introduces a Battle Arena where players can chat amongst each other and taunt their would-be opponents. The battle arena also features a random duel option which uses a sophisticated AI to find and match the player against a rival with similar skills.

Level locking

The game‘s new level locking system will challenge players to accumulate skill points in weapon handling, usage of armor and the prestige required to wear the exquisite clothes of a Viking chief. The player‘s skill level will determine what items he or she can purchase and use. There are ten different skill levels. Players can increase their skill points to unlock items by dueling, completing a quest, trading, purchasing items, and claiming land.

Where to play Vikings of Thule

Vikings of Thule is available on Facebook - - and will be made available on the hi5 social network - - in early December.

More information about Vikings of Thule can be found by visiting

About Vikings of Thule

In Vikings of Thule you will have to fight bravely and manage your resources carefully in order to climb up the social ladder in the harsh Viking society. Only the most skilled, cunning and respected Vikings will be chosen to join the ancient parliament, the Althingi.

The game introduces a unique Player vs. Player battle system that will test your abilities as a Viking warrior against both live online players and an offline AI system.  Should you gain the skills and the prestige needed, you will be able to call upon the aid of Thule’s mythical beasts, the Wights.  The in-game marketplace offers an abundance of beautifully designed weapons, armor, shields, clothing, jewelry and other exquisite items to equip a number of male or female avatars.  Your gear allows you to grow stronger in battle, helping you to gain ranks and earn the respect of others. As you progress in the game you will earn the favor of the gods such as the mighty Odin, Freyja the goddess of fertility and the mischievous Loki, who looks to your skills in looting and plundering.  A recent additon to Vikings of Thule are challenging quests, which players can embark upon.

About Gogogic ehf

Headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, Gogogic ehf – – was created by a group of passionate gamers to build and introduce new and innovative social games on a variety of platforms including social networks, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The company’s mission is to grow and become an exciting, influential provider of innovative and emerging gaming experiences while crossing platforms to enhance each release.

For more information please contact:

Jon Thorsteinsson

Chief Marketing Officer

E-mail: jon[at]

Tel: +354 534 7700 

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