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"Facebook for gamers" opens for business.


Dec. 11, 2008 – Video gamers who want to expand their interests online will find a unique opportunity to feed their passion at Vigster is an innovative video game social network that combines the appeal of social networking with popularity of video gaming. With a clean and attractive look, it’s like a Facebook for gamers.

The new Web site allows visitors to engage in a variety of activities. They can construct virtual game shelves to showcase their video game collection, connect with peers, make new friends, share gaming information and explore gaming issues. Users can also get answers to their questions, discover new video and computer games, create and play video game quizzes and purchase video games—all on the same Website.

“Vigster introduces gamers to its global community of video game lovers and provides them with the opportunity to share their gaming passions and experiences by providing a core social matching functionality,” said Founder/CEO Olu Bolutiwi. “We are the premier Web site for any video game-related activity.”

However, Vigster is more than a video game social network. The new Web site is a one-stop resource portal for people who are passionate about gaming. Vigster—which caters to video games enthusiasts of all categories and platforms—is an Internet Movie Database (IMDB) of video games. Screens, videos, artworks and demos are constantly being included by contributors to keep the massive database updated with new and exciting additions.

A key feature of Vigster is GameAnswers, which has three sections: Ask, Answer and Discover. GameAnswers participants can pose questions, receive answers and discover existing answers on any topic related to gaming and video games. They can also share their personal experiences, knowledge and opinions with other members of the Vigster community. Recently, the Web site launched a Vigster Rewards Program that uses a point system to reward active GameAnswers users who provide the best answers. Rewards for the exciting program include video games, consoles, accessories and Point Cards.

Another new key feature is Vigster Points, which rewards overall participation every time someone uses, adds and contributes content to the Vigster community. For example, members can receive 30 points for submitting a quiz on a video game, 10 points for writing reviews for games, 10 points for answering a question on GameAnswers and 10 points for adding a new game. Points are also awarded for creating forum topics as well as adding comments, screenshots and video links to games. Once users have accumulated 5,000 to 50,000 points, they can redeem them starting next year for prizes in the appropriate point category. “Vigster Points provides a nice and easy way for users to earn while they play and network with friends and fellow gamers on Vigster,” Bolutiwi said. “Think of it as a virtual currency.”

Anyone can join Vigster’s gaming community, and registration is free. For more information, visit or contact Olu Bolutiwi at

About Vigster

Vigster is a one-of-a-kind video game social network that brings gamers together in a unique fashion. Its goal is to build the biggest and best community for millions of gamers around the world who are passionate about gaming using advanced social metrics. The Web site, which brands itself as the “Planet for Gamers,” is led by a talented team of online technology experts and video games gurus. Vigster is based in London, United Kingdom.

Note to Editors: For more information about Vigster’s Rewards Program, please visit


Media Contact: Olu Bolutiwi

Phone: +44 (0) 7877397454



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