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videoGaiden: The videogame review show made by gamers for gamers…and other people

On November 4th 2005, the BBC enters the videogame show market for the first time since the days of the Acorn Electron with videoGaiden. Featuring the talents of the chaps behind the online hit Consolevania, videoGaiden is set to revolutionise the way that videogames are portrayed on television.

Ditching the ground trod before, videoGaiden will be a perfect fusion of sketch and review, and will do for videogames what Top Gear does for cars - even if you hate the whole gaming world, you'll still find it funny and engaging. And therefore, keep watching.

Aimed at the 15+ market, each show will feature reviews, news items and a variety of sketches. The sketches are set in and around the gaming world, providing character comedy and pastiche, with the humour being available to all - but the gamer will get a bigger laugh than the layman. This is a show that's serious about its subject, yet still manages to keep its tongue wedged firmly in its cheek.

Our commission is for a run of 6 with each episode running at ten minutes, commencing on Friday 4th November on BBC2 Scotland. It will be broadcast post 11pm, and appear every Friday through to the 9th December, which coincides with the Christmas build up. We see this very much as the first step on a path to much bigger things, and interest in the show is already being shown on internet forums. Despite being only broadcast in Scotland, the show will be available to satellite and cable viewers over the UK.

For more information, please contact:

Mel Joyce



Queen Margaret Drive


G12 8DG

0141 338 3089

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