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Video Games Studio steps into Heritage Sector Through Virtual Experience

April 2007, Leamington Spa, UK

Blitz Games, one of Europe's leading video game development studios is acquiring a leading specialist in the cultural heritage sector to spearhead a new area of business.

The games studio is bringing the Virtual Experience Company into its portfolio to work with museums, galleries and cultural organisations wanting to bring a new digital dimension to visitor experiences.

The Virtual Experience Company was the first in the world to develop a real-time virtual visitor experience designed to enable visitors with impaired mobility to explore areas they were previously unable to access.

Mike Gogan, who founded the Virtual Experience Company and will head the new division within Blitz Games says, "This partnership brings the fantastic visuals and engaging, interactive and multi-player gameplay you get with video games to sectors that are increasingly interested in connecting with a digitally enabled generation. We've always been at the leading edge of applying new technology in areas where it can make a difference and this initiative opens up really exciting possibilities."

Blitz Games, which is best known for family friendly video games like Bratz and Karaoke Revolution presents: American Idol as well as adult titles like Reservoir Dogs, is already applying video games techniques and technologies in games designed for training - known as Serious Games. It is leading an R&D programme, funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, to develop serious game prototypes and robust metrics to measure their effectiveness. The acquisition of the Virtual Experience Company will allow the knowledge gained in that domain to be applied in the cultural and heritage sector where knowledge transfer is often a key target.

The Virtual Experience Company will be exhibiting some stunning virtual images, the first results of the new collaboration, at the Museums on the Web Conference in San Francisco in April 2007.

For further information please contact: Mike Gogan, The Virtual Experience Company

T: +44 (0) 1926 880000 E: M: +44(0) 7939 599590

About The Virtual Experience Company

The Virtual Experience Company is one of the leading creators of virtual reality and 3D multimedia content in the Cultural Heritage sector. Since its inception in 1999, the company has delivered inspiring virtual reality and multimedia interactives to some of the most iconic heritage sites in the UK and beyond. Projects have included Shakespeare's Birthplace and Anne Hathaway's Cottage in Stratford, virtual reality reconstructions of Roman Colchester and Kahun, a 4000 year-old pyramid-builders' settlement on the Nile.

About Blitz Games

Blitz Games was established in 1991 by Philip & Andrew Oliver (aka "The Oliver Twins"). The Olivers started writing games as early as 1981, with the first published games appearing in 1984, including the Dizzy and the Simulator series and Ghostbusters II. The company the duo started was formerly known as Interactive Studios, and the name was changed to Blitz Games in 1999. The multi award winning company, now boasting almost 200 staff, continues its huge long-term investment into BlitzWare (its in-house technology), which provides one of the best game development environments of any independent developer.

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