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Video Game Day 2011

Fundraiser to be held next month in Richmond Hill, New York.

Feb 19, 2011 – Richmond Hill, New York - OutBreak Youth Ministries and DualShockers will be coming together to bring a videogame fundraising event on February 19 th, 2011 with doors opening at 10pm EST, and it will be located on 87-47 111th Street, Richmond Hill, New York. Video Game Day 2011 will be hosted in Elohim Christian Church, and the money raised that day will be put completely toward bringing a positive influence to the urban youth in the community.

“As a person who is passionate about my community and as an avid gamer, this day means a whole lot,” says Youth Director of OutBreak, François Chang. “What started as a handful of people in 2009 coming together in a conference room to determine who was the best gamer, Video Game Day has become something truly special.”

Video Game Day 2011 will include videogame tournaments (Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo: Reach, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, etc.), prizes, food and much more.

For more information, you can follow @ninferno on twitter, become a fan at OutBreak Youth Ministries on Facebook, or visit

About OutBreak Youth Ministries

We live in a world where the popular and easy are being imitated by our young people. As cliché as it seems, in short, they want to be like what they see on television. Our teens want to be accepted, and unfortunately, some will do what it takes to be accepted from what are small things like, talking like the world (cursing, impure jokes, etc.) all the way to joining gangs, having sex, or partaking in many other worldly actions that SET a worldly mind set in their hearts and minds for life. This is a crucial time in their lives as it was for all of us at one point. OutBreak Youth Ministries’ mission is to reach the urban population in our community by faithfully living, loving, serving and sharing.


DualShockers is the brainchild of two passionate gaming journalists from New York City, Yaris Gutierrez and Joel Taveras. The name does not represent any allegiance to a particular videogame console (or its controller), the name was chosen because it describes what we aim to do: shock the video game journalism industry. The mainstream gaming media as a whole has become bland, predictable, and full of profit driven bias. Smaller sites (the heart and soul of the industry) are becoming polluted with flamebait, rumors, and fanboyism. We don’t want to be part of either. At this site you will only read real gamer news, real gamer reviews and real gamer editorials. All of which will be garnished with some good ol’ New York City attitude. Prepare to be shocked, ladies and gentlemen.  

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