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Video Game Auctions loves gamers

Exciting new auction site attracts members from around the world before official launch!

14/06/05 - A brand-new gaming auction portal goes live this week and promises to revolutionise the sale of videogames and related items online, thanks to a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use new listings system.

A period of closed beta testing for the site proved so popular that Farnborough-based (VGA) signed up over 150 members from locations across the globe - Australia, USA, Canada and Europe before it was ready to launch. In just 15 days of beta testing, VGA racked up a phenomenal 170,000 page views.

VGA promises to offer a viable online trading alternative for gamers around the world who are sick of wading through dozens of 'ultra-rare' copies of GTA: San Andreas and so-called 'mint' copies of games.

The vast range of over 350 categories at the auction site will give gamers the chance to sell absolutely anything related to video gaming, from retro games consoles to full-size coin-ops, PC hardware and the very latest import PSP titles.

Designed with gamers in mind, will offer a range of improvements to gaming item listings you just won't find elsewhere. VGA are proud to unveil new listing features not currently found at online gaming auctions, a Wanted section as well as an exciting new Swap feature have been included in the site to give gamers a better choice and let them decide exactly how they want to trade.

Whilst VGA is the new kid on the block, the auction site hopes to make friends in the industry fast. The brainchild of industry veteran Steve Lucas, the new portal joins his successful, long-established website and Farnborough based retail store, Next Gen. The company provides domestic, import and retrogames, together with niche technology and home entertainment products to customers across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

His website ­ together with the portal also features a hugely popular collection of gaming and home entertainment forums. Recording over

7 million hits in the last 6 months ­ the sites contain an addictive mix of news and lively debate on everything from high definition DVHS tapes to the latest PlayStation 3 rumours.

On the launch of his new business, Steve Lucas said:

"I'm delighted with the response, and the fact that we had gamers literally queuing up to post items before we officially launched the site. I knew the time was right to launch, I was increasingly hearing from disgruntled customers and friends who felt that other auction sites were no longer looking after their specialist needs. We¹ve designed our site with gamers in mind and as keen gamers ourselves we have players' interests at heart. VGA is directed 100% at the gaming community, this will ensure that sellers auctions receive maximum coverage from an audience that is interested in their products, not someone looking for a five year old car or a fifty year old Teddy Bear.

The brand new auction portal for gamers, VGA is now online at


About Video Game Auctions is a brand-new online auction portal planning to revolutionise the state of online videogame auctions. Tired of seeing copies of games incorrectly listed as 'ultra rare' or the increasing number of bootlegs and pirated goods ­ VGA tackles games auctions in a new way, with a raft of value added listings and a competitive pricing structure.

For more information:

Will Guyatt

Public Relations

07747 568968.

Steve Lucas


01252 376666

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