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Viacom responds to Activision lawsuit

Star Trek overlord Viacom is "disappointed" by Activision's June 30th lawsuit against the media giant, which condemned them for failing to maintain the sci-fi show's popularity, according to a statement issue today.

"Activision's allegations are without merit; indeed, Activision appears to be trying to use the courts in an effort to renegotiate a deal it made in 1998," Viacom growled, going on to describe Activision's assertions and claims as "manifestly unfounded".

And indeed, Viacom plans to reroute auxiliary power to the lawyers and "intends to hold [Activision] fully responsible for its action."

In fact, one insider told us that they will add Activision's biological and technological distinctiveness to their own, and that Activision's culture will adapt to service theirs... (That's enough Star Trek nonsense, Ensign Bramwell - Ed.)

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