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2010 IGF finalist signed by Zoo for release on assorted platforms.

Cincinnati, OH – June 15, 2010 - Zoo Publishing, Inc., a leading international publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software, announced today that it has signed another independent developer, Strange Loop Games, to a worldwide publishing contract. Vessel will be the third title to be signed to a publication deal through indiePub Games, Zoo’s independent video game initiative.

While the previous publishing deals via indiePub Games have come out of regularly held game developer competitions at, the signing of Vessel marks the opening of a new opportunity for IndiePub, Zoo and developers alike. “We want indiePub Games to be an asset for developers to leverage at any point in the creation of their games,” says Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Games. “We are always looking for great games from passionate developers, even when we’re between official developer competitions. Having started my career as a programmer and game developer, I understand their needs and am flexible to work with developers at any time. My door is always open to great ideas whether they’re coming from an industry pro or an indie who is just beginning their career.”

Vessel was a finalist in the technical excellence category at the 2010 Independent Game Festival. The game was a finalist in the 2010 Independent Game Challenge, recognized for its originality and creativity. Vessel is a 2D Action/Puzzle game played in a physically simulated world, built on a physics and fluid engine featuring the unique ability to simulate characters composed entirely of fluid. Vessel features a deep, multi-level universe where players use different types of liquids, channels and vessels to solve puzzles and move through the game.

“Our goal at Strange Loop is to create games that use the massive power of today’s video game hardware for engaging and compelling gameplay, not just graphics,” says John Krajewski, Strange Loop’s studio lead. “Our partnership with Zoo will give us the resources we need to explore these new possibilities in gameplay and bring these games to market the way we envision them, without sacrificing quality or creative freedom.”

Development on a PC version of the game is currently underway and Strange Loop Games will lead development on other platforms including Xbox and Playstation. Vessel is currently scheduled for release in 2011. For more information on Vessel and indiePub Games, please visit

About Strange Loop Games

Based in Seattle, the studio was founded by John Krajewski and Martin Farren, coders in the games industry who branched out to form their own company in 2008. Krajewski leads the studio, and works on design, production and simulation programming. Formerly he was an AI programmer at EA in Brisbane, Australia. Farren is technical director and handles rendering, engine tech and leads business operations. Krajewski also worked at EA in Brisbane as a graphics programmer.

About IndiePub Games

IndiePub Games is an online community for independent game developers, casual gamers and game enthusiasts. IndiePub offers a platform for independent game developers to actively collaborate with each other on their game and gameplay concepts. Developers involved in the community have the potential to see their titles published on Nintendo Wii TM and DS TM , Sony Playstation ® and Xbox ® . IndiePub is also a destination for casual gamers to play and participate in the game creation process. IndiePub Games is sponsored by Zoo Publishing, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoo Games, Inc., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoo Entertainment Inc. Please visit for more details.

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