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Verizon Wireless expands gaming portfolio

New WilderThan titles added to Get It Now games service

US mobile carrier Verizon Wireless has announced an extension of its partnership with mobile games developer WilderThan, initially adding two new games titles to its instant download Get It Now games channel.

WilderThan's mobile gaming selection spans multiple genres, including sports, action, puzzle and gambling titles, and the company developers both 2D and 3D optimised for the mobile platform and modern, technologically advanced handsets.

Vern Poyner, CEO of WiderThan Americas, commented: "We see a positive trend for comprehensive mobile entertainment services and we look forward to helping Verizon Wireless continue to advance their next-generation mobile entertainment offerings."

"Our continued relationship with WiderThan is a reflection of our commitment to meet our customers' increasing demand for high-quality mobile games and content," added Jim Straight, VP wireless internet and multimedia services, Verizon Wireless.

Crazyball, the first of the two new titles available, is a modernised version of the classic Pong video game, which challenges players to use eight buttons on the mobile handset to deflect the ball in all directions, rather than the simple rally technique of the original.

CubeTrix is an isometric brain teasing puzzle game that tasks players with aligning blocks of the same colour to clear their board in as few moves as possible, competing against an increasingly challenging computer opponent.

Both titles will be available for an extensive handset range via Verizon's Get It Now games channel, with unlimited play for a single purchase price of USD 4.99.

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