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Venan Entertainment - Space Miner Blast

Free-to-play spinoff is available now.

November 10 th, 2010 – CROMWELL, Conn. – Grab your iDevices and start downloading! Venan Entertainment today announced the availability of their latest Venan Arcade title Space Miner Blast, a free-to-play spinoff of their critically acclaimed iOS game Space Miner: Space Ore Bust.  Designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Space Miner Blast brings the classic gameplay of Asteroids into the new millennia with incredible 3D graphics, heart-pounding action, and full Game Center integration with leaderboards and achievements.

Blast takes the original asteroid blasting of Space Miner and distills it into pure, frantic, action-packed arcade fun. Featuring upgradeable ships, deadly UFOs, and all new hazards and power-ups, Space Miner Blast turns the humble exercise of blowing up rocks into one of the most visceral arcade experiences on the App Store.

"We want iOS gamers to learn about the Space Miner universe, and we think free-to-play combined with killer production values is the way to do it," says Brandon Curiel, CEO of Venan Entertainment. "You can play from beginning to end as often as you want for as long as you want. You could be number one on the Game Center leaderboards without paying a single dime."

"Our goal is to monetize this game through DLC and ads," explains Curiel. "We have three additional ships you can purchase in-game, each with its own unique gameplay attributes and leaderboard tracking. Purchasing any content will remove all the ads as well as unlock our Retina Display graphics pack on supported devices. This game looks great as is, but on a Retina Display, it'll blow you away."

To mark the release of Space Miner Blast, Venan has also announced a sale of their other Venan Arcade titles Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom! ($0.99) and Space Miner: Space Ore Bust ($1.99). If you haven't picked up these games yet, there's never been a better time to discover what Venan Arcade is all about!

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About Venan Entertainment, Inc.:

A pioneer in the development of high-quality titles for mobile and handheld gaming platforms, Venan Entertainment, Inc. of Cromwell, Connecticut, has been developing award-winning games for the Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPod, and hundreds of mobile devices since 2002. Venan’s extensive body of work includes the critically acclaimed iOS titles Space Miner: Space Ore Bust and Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom!, the BAFTA-nominated Nintendo DS™ strategy title Ninjatown, the Mobile Excellence Game of the Year-winning Monopoly for mobile devices, and the NBA LIVE series for both mobile devices and the iPhone and iPod touch. 

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