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Vektor Tank 3D+

New game details and updated company information.

Vienna, Austria – Wednesday, July 7th 2010

Bplus, independent software developer based in Vienna, creator of Niki – Rock 'n' Ball, PLÄTTCHEN – twist 'n' paint and Bit Boy!! today celebrates its 7th birthday with three exciting announcements.

New Platform

Bplus shifts its main development focus away from WiiWare TM and on to a new platform – the Nintendo 3DS TM . The new handheld offers fantastic opportunities to create fresh ideas with new ways of presentation, leading to games that offer completely new experiences. With Nintendo 3DS the virtual worlds come even closer to the player.

Bernd Geiblinger, CEO and Art Director of Bplus, comments: "WiiWare was just the beginning – it was a fantastic way to get a foothold in the industry and it offered lots of opportunities to learn things and gather experience. Now, with new partners and a strong financial background, we gear up and fully set our focus on development of Nintendo 3DS retail games."

New Corporate Design

Next, Bplus introduces a new corporate design with a distinctive new logo and a totally redesigned web appearance. The new Bplus website features a fresh layout that shifts its focus away from a serious approach for companies to a colorful and funny design aimed directly at players.

An interactive 3D screenshot viewer allows visitors to view images of Bplus' newest Nintendo 3DS projects with a sense of depth. Supporting animated slide view, parallel view and cross view, it has never been easier to experience true 3D images on a conventional 2D screen.

Soon Bplus will also give a closer look into implemented, yet-to-implement and never implemented ideas, game concepts and mechanics in the "Ideas" section of the website. This part will present the creative and unique game approaches in great detail, some of them available to the public for the very first time.

Players will also find in-depth information about Bplus' characters and games.

New Logo

Together with the new website, Bplus launches a new company logo which has been redesigned from the ground.

Bplus' new company emblem is all about the number three. The horizontal and vertical circles that form the plus consist of three lines each, representing the three genres we already tapped into, the three projects Bplus is currently working on and the three dimensions of space. In the center, there is a red square that symbolises the essence of pure fun that shines bright in all of our games.

Vektor Tank 3D+ - New Screenshots

Finally, Bplus is proud to announce Vektor Tank 3D+ exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Being completely redesigned for the unique abilities of the new handheld system, Vektor Tank 3D+ will captivate players with its unique style, its novel approach to a classic genre and its innovative 3D+ control concept. Three all-new screenshots illustrate the evolution Vektor Tank has gone through since it was first announced.

About the game:

Vektor Tank 3D+ is a Nintendo 3DS TM war action game for people of any age. It is focused on being enjoyable without the need for graphic violence. War is only in your head – in the future, war is not anymore fought on the battlefield but in a strictly virtual environment. No humans are really hurt, no buildings are really destroyed but in the cyber world no polygon will be left standing.

But what happens when an evil force infiltrates the system with a virus that threatens the very structure of the virtual world? What if real world piece is suddenly on the razor's edge?

Then it is time for one very special weapon – The Vektor Tank.

New way of control: 3D+

Thanks to the completely new developed 3D+ control interface, your Nintendo 3DS becomes a virtual camcorder right in your hand. With the new handheld's advanced cameras and motion sensors, the game recognises every single of your movements and maps them directly onto the camera in the game. Watch around the virtual reality and aim for enemies and targets. Your Nintendo 3DS is your window into the cyber world.

Unique art style:

Vektor Tank 3D+ is presented in a funky, retro-inspired vector look reminiscent of classics such as the original StarFox, Stunt Race FX, Vortex, Virtua Racing or Virtua Fighter. The flat shaded look with super-smooth antialiased edges offers a crisp and clear 3D experience.

Vektor Tank 3D+ is planned for a release in Q2 2011.

About Bplus:

Bplus – it’s fun to play

Bplus is an independent Austrian software developer that creates totally new and innovative videogames exclusively for Nintendo systems.

The company was founded in Vienna on 07/07/2003 and consists only of highly motivated people who all share their passion for video games. Each member gives his best to develop fantastic games in the highest possible quality.

Bplus uses cutting-edge hard- and software to create wonderful gaming experiences with stunning graphics, stirring music and the feeling of pure fun.


CEO & Art DirectorBernd Geiblingerpress

BplusHandelskai 94-96/11/31A-1200 Vienna http://Plattchen.Bplus.at

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