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VCO First Siege Guild—TheBlackHand

The most anticipated Siege War in Voyage Century Online started shooting on February in Athens Port. Unprecedented large-scale sea battles came on passionately. The strongest guild in Columbus Server, TheBlackHang, gained supreme honor in this gorgeous war and took the control right of Athens Port as well as that of affiliated ports.

Within a short time, TheBlackHand grew to be a strong guild which holds 376 members fast under the lead of Eeto. It is tough for a guild to confront the challenge from all guilds which roll in for the rich benefits of the port. Relying on all the members' strategies, tactics, diplomatism and tricks, TheBlackHand went through the trial layer upon layer and finally won the laurel.

The ultimate goal of navigation is to control the land and the only bridge that connects the land and ocean is the port. Therefore, possessing a fertile harbor plays a significant role in navigation career. What's more important, who control the port will also control the neighboring economy. In Voyage Century, such important ports will be opened for the Siege War gradually. The occupant of the port has the right to establish statuary of the guild leader on the port which will be an important symbol of the port. Besides, the trade of the goods and articles in the city will bring some tax income to the guilds and these tax incomes will be charged to the bank account of the guild directly. In face of such temptation, how can the guilds be apathetic? For the mighty, they want to seize the chance to go far, and for the puniness, they want to seize the chance to become stronger and realize their ambitions in the future. Thus, possessing a city and be a laird has become the dream of myriad Voyage fans. Well then, how to become the king on land and sea in Voyage Century like TheBlackHand? What you need to do is just following four steps:

Step1: Found a guild

Step2: Develop your guild

Step 3: Warring

Step 4: Occupy the port

Conquer the world of 16th century with your own intelligence and knowledge! Flick your flag on the Voyage Century!

Please stay tune with the official site for more detail. We will have an interview with Eeto, the leader of TheBlackHand and unseal the secret of the king's success.

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