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Vanilla mobile games market

Or SIM-free, if you prefer, a model apparently being pioneered in London.

London, UK 9th December 2008: M-Biz Global today gave details of its pioneering work in creating what it is calling the ‘secondary mobile games market’ – where ‘vanilla’ or ‘SIM free’ mobile phones come pre-loaded with its patented TryNBuy software. Handset manufacturers who embed the TryNBuy service report an incredible 40% of end-users purchasing mobile games versus just 15% of those who connect and download via a traditional WAP link.

With vanilla handset sales accounting for approximately 30% of all handset sales, M-Biz Global estimates that handset manufacturers are missing out on a potential $80 million in revenue in EMEA alone per annum.

Samsung, the first handset manufacturer to work with M-Biz Global, embeds the service under the brand name ‘TrynPlay’, on all of its vanilla handsets in 30 countries across the globe.

M-Biz Global’s TryNBuy service pre-installs full games onto handsets with trial versions available instantly to the user. Customers can play demos of the games - either through limited game-time or limited level trials - and post trial have the option of purchasing the full game through a premium SMS service.

Using the premium SMS service, players purchase the game and receive an unlocking code, which is then entered when the game restarts enabling them to play the full version of the game. M-Biz Global believes itsawesome user interface design with minimum clicks is a key to its success.

Hyongsuk Kim, CEO M-Biz Global said, “The results of our TryNBuy service speak for themselves. The industry is struggling to find ways in which consumers can discover and purchase content when really the main focus should be on simple, ease-of-use. M-Biz Global offers a simple and proven revenue generation service that actually works!”

About M-Biz Global

Based in London, UK, M-Biz Global was formed in 2005 to provide embedded software and mobile content to the mobile phone industry.

M-Biz Global has grown to become a leader in the supply and billing of mobile content in the secondary (vanilla handset) mobile games market, through its embedded TryNBuy (TnBMobile™) service. M-Biz Global has been selected by Samsung Mobile to be the international sole billing and solution provider and the master content provider of games for SIM free handsets in Samsungs ‘Try’n Play’ project.

M-Biz Global’s TryNBuy solution for gaming is available in over 30 countries on Samsung handsets as the ‘’Try’n Play’’ project of Samsung.

M-Biz Global has offices in the UK, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and Egypt and has built strategic partnerships with leading game companies including EA, Gameloft, Sega, Glu, THQ Wireless, Digital Chocolate and Taito.

M-Biz Global is funded by M-BIZ Korea Co.Ltd and several venture capitals including KB Investments and Dasan Venture Fund based in Seoul, Korea.

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