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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Fifth update, entitled "Telon Rides On", now live.

WHAT: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes®, fifth game update titled “Telon Rides On”, introduces unique land mounts customized for each one of the player races in the game. With the launch of the game update, a citizen’s favor can now earn them great rewards and is of high importance to those throughout Telon. Residents of each town are seeking adventurers to help spread the city’s influence across the land. Those heroic enough can don the banner of the city they favor and battle against the enemies of Telon.

“Telon Rides On” features include:

Racial Mounts: Unique land mounts are available for players between levels 30-50 for those willing to earn their mounted reward. Racial land mounts can be obtained through a series of faction based quests starting in each race’s home town.

Citizen Favor: By seeking out a faction registrar players can don the banner of a city, gaining favor with its citizens, while battling the enemies of Telon. Each creature slain will offer a chance to receive tokens bearing the symbol of the registered city and can be returned to the city in exchange for citizen faction recognition which can then be used towards valuable rewards.

Class Updates: Blood Mages and Psionicists received updates aligning them with their intended vision in terms of power and utility.

Anti-Hitching: A new anti-hitching code is being introduced to help increase the performance of Vanguard, leading to a better game play experience.

New Particles: New and improved particle effects are being applied to various adventuring class spells or and/or abilities. The new effects add more excitement to the game play of multiple classes such as Blood Mages, Disciples, Dread Knights, Druids and Necromancers.

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“Telon Rides On” game update is live.

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