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Valve to reduce Steam discount cycle to 28 days

Update: From March 28, discounts applied to products cannot exceed 90% of its retail price

Today Valve announced that on March 28 the discount cycle for products sold on Steam will be reduced to 28 days.

The change says that at minimum, 28 days must pass between the end of one discount and the start of another.

The 28 days change will apply to all promotions throughout Steam however its Lunar New Year Sale, Summer Sale, Autumn Sale, and Winter sale are the only exceptions.

Valve also provided more details regarding specific discounting rules which include that prices can't be changed while a promo is live and a product can't be discounted for 28 days after a price increase in any currency.

Additionally, today the platform holder is providing developers beta access to a new bulk discounting tool, which aims to help them manage their participation in promotions throughout the year.

Update, February 21: Valve also announced that from March 28, discounts on games cannot exceed 90% of the total price, or less than 10%.

It also said that customised discounts cannot last longer than two weeks, or run for less than one day.

Additional reporting by Danielle Partis.

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