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Valve re-confirms Xbox commitment for Half-Life 2

Contrary to an odd report we drew attention to yesterday, which saw Microsoft's David Hufford tell the Puget Sound Business Journal that "Half-Life 2 is not going to be on the Xbox," spokespeople from Valve and publisher VU Games have scrambled to confirm that the game is still en route to Microsoft's console.

Valve's Doug Lombardi confirmed today that "Half-Life 2 is planned for the PC and Xbox," adding that "[Valve will] announce a shipping date for the Xbox version later in the year," when speaking to GameSpyDaily.

So there you have it - no mixed messages after all. We do wonder what Hufford was talking about, though - perhaps negotiations between Valve and Microsoft over the size of an Xbox money hat needed a little bit of rattling? We shall probably never knowâ¦

Additional reporting by Rob Fahey

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