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Valve announces forthcoming digital release of new Half-Life mod

Valve Software has announced that officially sponsored Half Life mod Day of Defeat will shortly be made available for download via the developer's digital distribution service, Steam.

DoD is a class-based multiplayer add-on with a World War II theme that began life as an amateur mod. It will be made available as a standalone purchase via Steam, and will be free of charge to Half-Life 2 Silver and Gold subscribers. Owners of the boxed edition of Counter-Strike Source will also be able to download the game for free.

"While we're not quite ready to pin down the exact date of when it will be available to play, we are confident that it will happen in September," Valve advised players.

"Once we do have an exact date and time for when the game will be activated, we'll let everyone know."

Valve added that players will be given a week's notice to pre-order and download all the necessary files, so that once the game is ready to play there will be no waiting time.

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