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Valkyrie Sky

Four "Girly pets" to be rolled out next Wednesday.

Seoul, March 17 - Shoot’em up RPG Valkyrie Sky, serviced at global game portal GameKiss, will unveil “girly pets” which users can raise after the update on March 24.

In Valkyrie Sky, the pet system doesn’t work like in conventional MMORPGs in which pets play complementary roles including supporting attacks or enabling players to use pet inventories for their own lack of inventories. Instead, pets will be the only channel to collect all the items necessary for all in-game production activities and the “Awakening Stones” necessary for a characters’ growth. Characters and pets are designed to develop close partnerships as though they raise pets in real life.

“All new four pets have cute appearances. Especially Elinia and Eimy are in human forms with elf-like appearances which will invoke users to take care of them. We believe they will receive more devotion and care from users,” said Joey, the service manager of Valkyrie Sky. In fact, these contents have already been unveiled in Valkyrie Sky’s local service in Japan and received much attention.

The update March 24 update will also include the “Fruit of Yggdrasil” system which helps players with gaining experience and game points easier, and the “social action” system which will enable characters to express feelings such as joy, sadness and embarrassment.

These update is expected to enable much more diversity and plentiful of game-play.

More details about the latest update of Valkyrie Sky can be found at its official website:

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JC Entertainment Corp.

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8th Fl, #3671, Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyonggi-do, 463-827, KOREA

Tel: +82-31-782-3846

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E-mail: (Marketing & PR) (Customer Support)

Release Date & Time: Immediate Release

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