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Vaizey: At least "3 or 4 years" until govt considers tax relief again

Culture minister pours cold water on TIGA's lobbying for incentives

Department for Culture, Media and Sport minister Ed Vaizey has issued his strongest warning to date that lobbying for games industry tax breaks may be in vain.

Speaking as part of a DCMS select committee meeting (as attended by GameSpot), the MP stated that concentrating efforts on that particular incentive "could mean a hiatus for three or four years (or more) before it realistically comes back onto the table."

He also observed that he would "encourage TIGA in particular to look at other creative options," claiming that "there are other ways we can support" the games industry.

Vaizey has previously suggested that disagreement among the UK games industry on tax breaks may have contributed to the Coalition government's decision to scrap plans for it in June.

Other incentives the minister has encouraged the games industry to consider include R&D tax credits and reduced corporation tax.

Vaizey also recently announced plans to merge the Regional Screen Agencies into a single body, Creative England, in which was included vague mention of support for regional games businesses.

The minister's office declined to further discuss what this might entail for games when approached by Replies are awaited from other relevant figures.

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