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PSPgo RRP drops by $120 in Japan, $50 in US

UPDATE: Console to sell for £159.99 in the UK from November

Beleaguered portable the PSPgo has been reduced to ¥16,800 ($208/ £133) in Japan.

This entails a ¥10,000 ($124/ £79) cut from the Sony handheld's former RRP, bringing it level with the PSP-3000.

The download games-only device has spent the year at the bottom of Japan's hardware chart, while the standard PSP has repeatedly topped it.

Sony has also revealed that the year-old handheld now sports 590 games, 1,250 videos, and 2,200 comics in Japan.

A number of major US retailers dropped the PSPgo's price from $249 to $199 earlier this month, with more expected to follow suit.

Update: Reuters has obtained confirmation that Sony has discounted the PSPgo to $199 across the US.

Sony has also now confirmed that the PSPgo will be priced at £159.99 in the UK as of November 1. It had originally lanched with a luxury £225 price point although retailers were quick to lower the RRP soon after release.

Most recently, Sony launched a promotion of giving away 10 free games for the handheld.

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