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USA Emerges As Overall Champion Of World Cyber Games As 2005 Grand Final Ends With Spectacular Celebration

USA tops medal tally with total haul of two gold medals and one silver medal, with Korea and Brazil taking second and third place respectively

Over 55,000 spectators enjoyed five-days of non-stop gaming action with up close opportunities to interact with world's best gamers

SINGAPORE, November 20, 2005 - It is curtains down as the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2005 Grand Final drew to a thrilling finale today. USA emerged as the top cyber gaming nation with a grand total of two gold medals and a silver medal after five days of intense tournaments, entertaining cultural events and exciting fringe activities.

USA bagged gold medals in CounterStrike and Halo 2, and a silver medal in WarCraft. They are closely trailed by Korea with two gold medals (StarCraft and Warhammer) and a bronze medal (Dead or Alive Ultimate), and Brazil with one gold and one silver medal for the same game - Need for Speed. Last year's top cyber game nation, Netherlands, will be heading home with a solitary bronze medal.

In today's championship matches, Dennis Schellhase from Germany and Li Xiaofeng from China won their countries' sole gold medals at the games with victories in FIFA Soccer and WarCraft respectively, while hot favourites Team 3D from USA and Korea's Jaehoon Lee plotted their victories in CounterStrike and StarCraft respectively (See attached Appendix for full list of medalists).

Presenting the awards at the closing ceremony were senior executives from WCG committee, worldwide sponsor, Samsung and premier sponsors Intel and Razer, as well as strategic suppliers.

In his closing ceremony speech, Dr Lee Boon Yang, Singapore's Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts said, "Digital games as part of the whole entertainment and media ecosystem is big business and a growing contributor to the global creative economy. We are therefore proud to be the host country of such events as they serve to reinforce Singapore's position as a regional hub and gateway to Asia."

This year's WCG Grand Final, the first to be held in Asia outside Korea, was a phenomenal success, attracting a record total of 55,000 spectators who experienced the magic of e-Sports and how it brings the young generations of the world together in peace and unity.

Through providing a comprehensive and fun related game content at this Grand Final in Singapore, WCG has transcended language barriers and helped make games the second international passion, after sports. It has also witnessed the start of many friendships and exchange of fondest memories.

"With the unprecedented spectator interest and record number of participating countries and gamers this year, the World Cyber Games has truly evolved to become the gaming equivalent of the Olympics. We will build on this year's success to create an even more thrilling and successful event for next year's World Cyber Games," said Mr. Hank Jeong, President and CEO of International Cyber Marketing, organiser for the World Cyber Games.

In the spirit of true e-sportsmanship, WCG and worldwide sponsor, Samsung named Brazil's Danilo Barros as the first Samsung Fair Play recipient. He was chosen by games' referees among 700 players from 67 countries who converged in Singapore over the last five days.

Riding on the popularity of new digital entertainment culture, WCG held the first mobile championship, which drew a total of 33 players competing for total prize money of US$24,000 in four official games including Midtown Madness 3, Bruce Lee, Goolie, and Chopper Rescue. The winners were Taiwan's Wu Jian Hong (Goolie), South Africa's Tammy Brooke-Smith (Chopper Rescue), Malaysia's Nik Zl Azmi (Bruce Lee) and Malaysia's Rishilan A/L Chandran (Midtown Madness).

World Cyber Games 2006 will be held in Monza, Italy, which is best known for hosting the Italian Grand Prix. It will mark the first time that World Cyber Games is being held in Europe.

Full results for all matches, as well as highlights, pictures and instant replay files of key games are available online at

All events at the Grand Final were telecasted through MediaCorp, WCG's official broadcaster. Samsung is a worldwide sponsor of the World Cyber Games. The Grand Final is also made possible through the sponsorship support of premier sponsors Intel and Razer and official sponsors SingTel and Video Pro.

About The World Cyber Games

International Cyber Marketing ( is the global organizer of the World Cyber Games, the world's largest computer and video game festival, and is the licenser for all World Cyber Games interactive game tournaments to be held in about 67 countries in 2005. This year the winners of each national event series will compete for the world championship title and prizes valued at $435,000. Now in its fifth official year, the World Cyber Games has ushered in a new dimension of e-Sports, where game enthusiasts can look forward to some of the most intense and dynamic video game action by the best players on the planet.


StarCraft: Brood War

Gold: Jaehoon Lee (fOru) - Korea

Andrey Kukhianidze ([3D]Androide) - Russia

Peter Neate (Legionnaire) - Australia

WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Gold: Xiaofeng Lee (SKYCN) - China

Silver: Dennis Chan (BenQGeiLShort) - USA

Bronze: Manuel Schenkhuizen (4k_Grubby) - Netherlands

CounterStrike: Source

Gold: Team 3D - USA

Silver: Team k23 - Kazakhstan

Bronze: Team_EG - Canada

FIFA Soccer 2005

Gold: Dennis Schellhase (styla) - Germany

Silver: Gusev Victor (x4Alexx) - Russia

Bronze: Eduardo Moreno Torralbo (eDuYepp) - Spain

Dead or Alive® Ultimate

Gold: Katsuninken (Tomoyuki Inui) - Japan

Silver: Tetra (Wilson Chia) - Singapore

Bronze: shinobi (Dongheon Han) - Korea

Halo 2TM

Gold: Team3D (OGRES) - USA

Silver: Team_EG - Canada

Bronze: Halo1style - France

Need for SpeedTM : Underground 2

Gold: GearGG (Giovani Magri) - Brazil

Silver: N4_Godsmack (Danilo Barros) - Brazil

Bronze: USSR_MrKot (Konstantin Vanisov) - Russia


Gold: Kyung Hyun Ryoo (Select) - Korea

Silver: Andre Zilio (TmG_QuanChi) - Brazil

Bronze: Simon Pletzer (TmG)InSAnE) - Germany



Gold: 2

Silver: 1

2ND: Korea

Gold: 2

Bronze: 1

3RD: Brazil

Gold: 1

Silver 2

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