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US mobile gamers play to win!

Differences in mobile gaming behavior between US and Europe revealed

San Mateo, CA & London, UK - 26th September, 2005: Today, the significant differences relating to the behavior of mobile gamers in the US and Europe have been revealed by a study commissioned by I-play, the mobile games company, and carried out by the independent research agency, SKOPOS, across 2,500 surveys in the US, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany.

I-play: did you know? Play to win!

Americans fulfill the popular stereotype of being more competitive than their European counterparts, with more US mobile gamers 'playing to win'. 45% of Americans play to beat previous high scores compared to just 17% of Europeans.

I-play: did you know? Americans play for longer

33% of US mobile gamers play a single game for over 20 minutes compared to 21% of European mobile gamers. The fact that North American mobile gamers tend to engage for longer periods of time with mobile games, fits the trend that they play to beat previous high scores.

I-play: did you know? Americans play more often

Although European mobile gamers tend to play more games that are both embedded and downloaded on their mobiles, 8% of US mobile gamers play 10 or more times a week compared to 3% of European mobile gamers.

I-play: did you know? Americans discover mobile games via carrier portals

30% of Americans discover games via their carrier portals compared to 18% in Europe. The all-inclusive data packages, browsing introduced by several North American carriers is a likely driver behind this trend.

I-play: did you know? Americans download more

From the base of people who successfully download mobile games, 29% of US mobile gamers download two or more games on the average each week compared to 24% of Europeans.

I-play: did you know? Americans play different types of games than Europeans

Casual games are the most favorable in the US - 22% in the US Vs. 17% in the EU, while action games proved to be popular among the EU - 15% in the EU Vs. 7% in the US.

I-play: did you know? Americans like to show off

31% of American mobile gamers liked to show off mobile games to their friends compared to just 13% in Europe.

I-play: did you know? It's all about simplicity

Easy gameplay in games would also convince more Americans to download

- 58% vs. 46% in the EU

I-play: did you know? Friends drive downloading

Friends informing them about games would encourage more Americans to download

- 25% in the US Vs. 17% in the EU

Americans would be likely to download more games if someone showed them what to do

- 26% in the US Vs. 13% in the EU

David Gosen, COO, I-play commented: "The survey results show that US mobile users have really embraced mobile gaming, being more competitive when they play and showing games off to their friends. All inclusive data packages, carrier support and advertising have unquestionably fuelled the growth of mobile gaming in the North American market."


Annabel Brog

PR Manager, I-play

Tel: 44 2079011770

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