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US games industry braced for Schwarzenegger ruling

Violent games bill goes before Supreme Court today

The first oral arguments in the Schwarzenegger vs ESA case will be made to the US Supreme Court later today.

At stake is whether controls on the sale and rental of violent games to minors should be banned outright, with many industry figures fearful that the resulting 18+ certificate would result in retailers refusing to stock many titles.

Attempting to block this latest attempt by California to enforce the system nationwide are the Electronic Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association, supported by numerous expert, consumer and industry coalitions.

Industry luminaries such as Activision boss Bobby Kotick have also spoken out against the act, claiming it would contravene First Amendment rights concerning freedom of speech.

The first hearing is due to occur at 5PM today UK time (1PM EST, 10AM PST, 12PM Central in the US).

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