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U.S. Army and Pragmatic Launch America's Army Official Server Matchmaking Site -


Westlake Village, Calif., and West Point, NY May 22, 2006
- The U.S. Army and Pragmatic Solutions today announced the beta release of the Leverage Master Browser for America's Army® (AAMBS), the official server match-making and stats tracking site ( for the America's Army® (AA) game community.

Pragmatic Solutions, in cooperation with the Army, developed an in-game system named AABrowser, which was officially launched 9 February 2006 in America's Army: Special Forces (Link Up) (version 2.6.0), adding an advanced server browsing tool to the game client and a robust server tracking backend for game servers. With the launch of this companion website, gamers are offered an easy-to-access, near real-time view into active game play.

"The Leverage Master Browser System is the next step in providing a seamless transition into game play for the community," says Peter Jakl, CEO of Pragmatic Solutions. "By powering a web-based tool ( that communicates directly with the in-game server browser, we've created a superior tool for gamers, one that draws its potential from advanced database-driven technology. We are committed to further enhancing the site so that it becomes the gold standard for America's Army and other titles."

Players, teams, and clans are able to access validated server stats with greater flexibility and accuracy than ever before through the AAMBS' innovative attribute-based search engine. Users can simultaneously filter their searches using multiple criteria, creating fast results driven by the player's interests.

Filtering options and stats displays include:

- Filter by Average Honor (players on server)
- Filter by Geographical Location
- Filter by AA Tour (Ranger, SF, etc.)
- Search by Server Name
- Search by Player Name
- Search by Server Player Count

Bonus features like heads-up display by geography and map, and a 24-hour "Worldplay" graph (showing percentages of players by country) provide a comprehensive snapshot of game play. Future planned enhancements include: voiceover IP, instant messaging, and game launch directly from the website. Pragmatic's AAMBS strives to meet the ongoing goal of providing players with a single, unmatched source for finding great game play and networking within the America's Army community.

About Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.

Pragmatic Solutions is a partner in the America's Army game project. By employing unique database-driven technology, we create innovative software to enhance online gaming potential. Our fully-scalable architecture manages all server-side aspects of a game, whether it is a single-player scenario or MMOG, a commercial or a serious game title. We provide tools to distribute games, ensure that gamers have access, and then manage and interpret extensive data collected during game play. The result is the ability to truly customize the game experience for players, including dynamic delivery of user-targeted content, in-game ad placement and more. Developers and their partners are better able to target specific audiences, resulting in enhanced game play, more accurate user data and higher profitability. Pragmatic's Leverage Software Suite functions as the engine that maximizes creative potential and business opportunities. With Pragmatic managing the technical end of game play, developers and their partners are free to concentrate on the game itself.

To find out more about Pragmatic Solutions, Inc., visit To find out more about the America's Army Honor Program, visit, and contact us today to learn more about the capabilities of the Leverage Software Suite, 818.575.9555.

About the America's Army Game:

America's Army, the official U.S. Army game, is an innovative PC action game that provides civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in today's modern Army. America's Army provides players a virtual portal into the Army, ranging from exploring the development of Soldiers in individual and collective training to their employment in simulated missions in the Global War on Terrorism.

The first installment of the game, America's Army: Operations, was released on July 4th 2002. The next chapter of the game, America's Army: Special Forces, highlights the critical and specialized role of the Special Forces in the Global War on Terrorism. America's Army: Special Forces builds upon the incredibly popular America's Army: Operations game in terms of player progression, and expands gameplay from the original game to let players gain an inside view in the world of the Army's elite Special Forces Soldier. More than 7 million registered users have played America's Army for more than 160 million hours since its debut. On average, players complete more than 120,000 hours exploring the Army in America's Army each day. The game is available as a free download at or via CD's distributed at recruiting and other Army events. America's Army is rated T for Teen.



Lori Mezoff
PR for America's Army
301 879 9030

Stacy Kruse
Marketing Director
Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.

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