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Us And Them - Cold War

"Heroes Bonanza" expansion pack arrives for spycraft strategy game.

For immediate release

Icehole games is happy to announce the release of the first expansion pack for their Cold War strategy game "Us And Them". The expansion pack is named "Heroes Bonanza" for the fact it adds many new heroes to the game. Everybody that used to be somebody during the peak of the cold war era is included.

The feedback that icehole received from the game users, made clear that heroes units was a huge plus for the gameplay. Most users asked for more heroes and some of them even started suggesting various cold war personalities to be included in the game. Apparently some they admire and some they just want to use their assassin units on.

If you are not familiar with the game and how heroes are used, you should know that "Us And Them" is the only serious strategy game about the Cold War era. The game allows you to take control of CIA or KGB during the pick of Cold War and try to repeat or change history.

The game uses a unique gameplay system that allows you to use hidden units like Spies, Assassins, Politicians, Scientists, Financial experts etc, in order to attack the enemy countries and by changing their government attach them in your own political ideology. You can also take advantage of famous strategies like the "Domino Effect" and the "Communist sandwich".

Your Agents can also benefit from the research of advanced technologies, using gadgets right out of James Bond´s laboratories and some famous equipment of real life spies.

The "Heroes Bonanza" expansion is free for all users of the CD or Direct Download version of the game.

Note to editors: Please feel free to host the expansion or the full game trial downloads on your web site. Just notify us.

Icehole games is looking worldwide for game publishers for Us and Them - Cold War.

About Icehole games

Icehole Games was founded in 2000 in Athens Greece. The goal of the company is to develop unique strategy games for the PC users. The company is mainly known for its successful series of Basketball management games called "World Basketball Manager".


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