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Urgent Fury Gaming League

Gaming site re-opened with more games on more consoles.

Urgent Fury decided to open a larger venue, offering more games on more consoles, providing its community members a place to further enjoy respectable, cheat-free, friendly competition based on the motto “Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity” TM, a motto which Urgent Fury was founded and built upon in 2002. This new venue is also open to individuals, teams, clans and sports game clubs, such as EA’s new NHL 11, that have yet to compete at Urgent Fury, but want to get a feel for the expectations that Urgent Fury requires of its members for UF’s exclusive invitation-only tournaments and leagues.  Being #1 at Urgent Fury requires not only skill, but the professionalism that is embodied by true champions.  The UFGL is open to community requests to host games that are not currently hosted, but that the community has an interest in playing and competing. 

This new venue is only a starting point for people that wish to venture farther into Urgent Fury’s more intense leagues and strategic TACMAP tournaments. All game-play and activity at Urgent Fury is an evaluation of how a clan, team, and its members can conduct themselves.  Urgent Fury takes pride in its reputation, just as gamers take pride in wearing the tags of the clan or team they represent in their online competition world. When Urgent Fury community members leave the Urgent Fury arena and venture into the public arena, they are expected to exhibit the high levels of maturity, respect and game-play that is required for competition within Urgent Fury. We consider each clan, team, and individual, who seeks to be a part of Urgent Fury, an extension of and ambassador for our founding gaming philosophy of “Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity” TM. The UFGL will take complaints of childish game-play and reports of poor sportsmanship just as serious, as previously done with larger events.  Repeated and documented offenses will result in removal from gaming in any of Urgent Fury’s events or participation in Urgent Fury’s community.

Urgent Fury has also opened an area within our forums called the “Co-op Funhouse”. This is for community members that are looking to play co-op games. Whether members are trying to gain in game achievements and trophies, or are just looking to play a fun co-op arcade game they’ve just downloaded, the “Co-op Funhouse” can match partners for a time and place convenient for co-op players.

Urgent Fury is an online console-gaming tournament and website community who has built its impeccable reputation by providing unique, intuitive, and exciting scenario-based TACMAP style tournaments.  Urgent Fury is also home to the Urgent Fury Gaming League (UFGL) where new and veteran teams will be able to compete against each other on a variety of consoles and in a variety of games. Through UFGL, new teams to Urgent Fury, will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the type of gamesmanship that is expected of its members before joining a TACMAP or league event.

Urgent Fury was founded in 2002 on the motto of “Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity” TM, with new teams being evaluated on gamesmanship, integrity, and fair game-play during many of Urgent Fury’s entry level evaluation tournaments.  Using the motto above, the community is able to maintain a highly successful tournament arena for like-minded console gamers. Urgent Fury, UFreqTV Video Blog, Urgent Frequency Podcast, and UFGL are owned and operated by Urgent Fury Holdings, LLC.  Urgent Fury can be found at http://www.urgentfury.com.

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