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Urban Rivals

Online trading card game introduces Jungo clan.

Urban Rivals the world's busiest online trading card game announces the launch of a new clan, the Jungo. Born out of a devastating impact and with surprising effects, will life in Clint City ever be the same…?

Life for the animals in Clint City's Zoo was turned upside down the night the meteorite "JNGA XII" crash landed on their cages. In the moments after impact, radiation emitted by the huge rock mixed up the DNA of all creatures in the vicinity. Half-man and half-animal, the Jungo unite behind Ongh and swear never to return to captivity.

You can view the online comic for more detail on the story...

Meet the first six Jungo characters to spring from their cages into a fresh existence...


Definitely more at ease in the water than on earth, Elea spends her time in the rivers and lakes of the old Clint City Zoo. Calm and peaceful, she happily cohabits with the other creatures in the area but if any intruders try to get in, she won't think twice about making mincemeat of them.


A patient and meticulous explorer, Scopica searches the old Clint City Zoo for signs of animals affected by the meteorite's radiation who, rather than joining the Jungo, decided to hide and live in isolation. Sometimes she manages to convince them to join the clan.


The most striking and fearsome panther in the zoo, Kreen, wakes up the feminine spirit of her feline soul after the meteorite's crash landing. Completely devoted to Ongh, she personally takes care of all the most difficult missions for him.


The first thing Jalil did after the crash was to head for the Eastern quarters to buy the latest album by Vermyn N and to stock up on streetwear. In response to the astonished reaction of the other Clan members, Jalil simply turned up the volume on his MP3 player and rocked his head to the beat.


A real mother hen, Odile watches over her little ones and those of the other Jungos as if they were the crown jewels. So when Zlatar's mercenaries show up one night to steal some of the babies for their experiments (well, yes, talking animals are pretty interesting) they find themselves in the war path of an enraged Odile who makes chicken feed of them.


When you weigh half a ton -and can tear the head off just about anyone with a single swipe of your paw -people leave you be. Even if you do spend your days lazing in the shade with a beer in hand while everyone else is out working. Every now and again though, if Ongh asks him very nicely, Chill does agree to lend a hand (normally smack bang in the head of some undesirable).


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