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Urban Rivals

New clan launched: "The Skeelz".

Friday June 19th: Urban Rivals launches a new clan today "The Skeelz" are fantastically skilled and talented students and teachers with amazing abilities and attributes.

In the Skeelz Academy, all subjects are given equal importance. Whether it’s the art of combat, mastering Space and Time, controlling the Mind, Nature studies or Death exploration, nothing is discounted from the Academy’s somewhat unusual curriculum! The Skeelz overall mission is to bring peace and harmony to the hectic streets of Clint City, but they don’t mind cracking a few heads to achieve their admirable objective.

With the new clan comes a brand new clan bonus "Protection: Ability" this means the ability of the Skeelz character can't be cancelled while the bonus is active.

There are also two new types of abilities for Skeelz characters. The first new ability is "revenge" which is activated when one of your team loses a round. The next new ability will be announced in a couple of weeks time with the release of the next six Skeelz characters. Both bonus and ability additions will add some really interesting new tactics to the Urban Rivals meta game.

The Skeelz clan launched with the arrival of six new magical characters:


After having achieved complete silence in the Academy’s library and corridors, Redra is now set on tackling noise coming from the city. And she's not afraid to take to the streets to "punish" drivers who are just a bit too happy-go-lucky with their horns.


Spotty, sex-mad and immature, Liam is a perfectly normal 14-year-old, apart from the fact that he can manipulate time at his will. But to the utter dismay of his teachers, for the time being the only thing he uses this power for is to add to his collection of woman's panties and underwear.


Daughter of Lilith and of father unknown, Chiara can control plants, particularly poisonous ones or ones with big, spiky thorns. But unlike her mom, Chiara uses her talents more to protect herself than to attack.


A rather quiet and studious young lady, Danae is fascinated by the dark side of knowledge. And unable to resist the attraction of old, mysterious incantations, she often has to ask Tomas for help to send back Demons she’s called up, who are often fuming at having been stirred from centuries of sleep.


Jay is cool, very cool. Cool like someone who knows that at any moment his skin can become as hard as stone protecting him from bullets, the sharpest knives and even pianos that might accidentally fall out of the windows of Borgia's Palace. Cool like someone who knows he’s practically invincible and…who’s also a hit with the ladies.


A very studious and hardworking student, Aylen can divide herself into as many doubles as she likes. A very useful talent for taking various courses at the same time or for reading a book while finishing off an essay. And when needs be, it means she’s always got cheap help on hand to get the shopping or housework done.


Note to Editors:

Boostr, the developers of Urban Rivals is a French company enrolled on the Paris Register of Trade and Companies.

Press contact for USA and UK : Nick Witcher

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