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Urban Extreme: Street Rage

Multiplayer screenshots hit the streets.

Popcorn Arcade

Nintendo Wii

Friday, October 24, 2008 - Data Design Interactive - a successful video games publisher and games developer, today released new multiplayer screens for Urban Extreme: Street Rage for the Nintendo Wii label, Popcorn Arcade. Urban Extreme: Street Rage is a game for Boy Racers, Speed Maniacs, Street Racing and Joy Riders who are after the thrill of driving through city centres in illegal street races, where you need ram your foot on the accelerator and bugger the consequences?

Set in Fortune City, as an experienced street driver you are forced by the underworld into a series of extreme and sometimes lethal urban races. Competing in these contests is a dirty business and could cost you your car, your money, and even your life!

• 32 Unique playable and un-lockable vehicle designs.

• 16 level choices and Cup challenge modes set in a gritty urban environment.

• Test your nerve and take out the most cars with explosive results in Carnage Mode.

• Split screen multiplayer support with widescreen, and hires progressive scan modes.

• Career mode: Spend your hard earned prize money to buy new cars and enter more lucrative, exclusive challenges.

The rules of the road don't apply in this high-speed, anything-goes competition……

Data Design Interactive is part of Green Solutions Ltd (GSL) which manages the production of interactive products for the entertainment industry. From game design, development and publishing on PC and Console. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS and KIDZ SPORTS brands and the publishing rights to the GODS development system. We control a number of studios which specialize in key areas. Data Design Interactive develops and publishes, and is a licensed publisher for Sony Playstation, Nintendo and Microsoft, Artworld Studios for computer animation and Advergaming is the market leader for in game advertising and custom games. Popcorn Arcade is the brand name for our family friendly, value priced Wii range.

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