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Up To £100,000 On The Ball

Global coreSports announces summer debut with multiplayer online football sim integrating management challenges with cash prizes.

Thursday 1st June 2006/...Global coreSports, an innovative developer and publisher of online entertainment products, today announced details of coreFootball, an entirely web-based, on-demand football simulator that rewards skilful players with hard cash, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Marrying the strengths of an artificial intelligence-powered sports simulation, true on-demand competition, online videogame networking and the obvious incentive of high-value cash prizes up to £100,000, coreFootball is set to carve itself an entirely new niche and win a devoted following when it launches this summer.

In an accomplished package, coreFootball provides players with a fully-fledged football management simulator with a rich feature set. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence, customisable teams, real-time match displays with multiple viewing angles, match commentaries and an interface that allows real-time control over games in play form the core of the game. Additionally, coreFootball includes all the performance indicators and tactical controls that such a simulation demands.

Complementary to the central game is a complete online community service. This fully integrated resource includes features such as manager profiles, instant messaging, forums, chat rooms, ranking leaderboards, spectator modes and a wealth of statistics for studying form.

Equally well structured are the opportunities to make money: coreFootball allows players to join and compete for free, but the cash prizes available to them are limited. However, the options for those using coreFootball's secure online payment service are wide and varied. From sponsored and accumulator tournaments with six-figure prizes to instant cash challenge matches, coreFootball provides a wealth of avenues for the player to make money from their time spent playing traditional football sims, providing the ultimate test for any would-be fantasy team manager.

As coreFootball gears up for its commercial launch in July, Global coreSports are conducting a trial period commencing on June 15th.

Advance sign-ups are available from, where keen players can keep track of the run-up to launch as well as downloading the latest screenshots and even the game's very own football anthem. Also available for download is a browser-based virtual tour of the game's systems, with further content to be added over the following week.

Dr Darrin M Disley, Operations Director of Global coreSports Limited, said: "Unlike the passive offerings of other online football simulations, coreFootball is the first football management title that gives users simultaneous opportunities to compete, socialise and win big cash prizes within a single, continuous online community. By recreating the ebb, flow and excitement of a real football match and giving players the opportunity to make changes during live games, the relative skill, knowledge and effort of managers determines how much cash can be won"

Feature list:

Totally customisable 'virtual' and/or 'fantasy' teams, with a full range of customisable management gaming functions, including:

- Club profile

- Manager profile

- Player profile, history, selection, scouting, treatment, disciplinary & transfer

- Team formation, tactics, strategy & training

Full range of Live-match gaming functions, including:

- 2D (top) and 3D (side) pitch views

- In-line match commentary

- Player fitness and performance indicators

- Real-time tactical controls

- Player substitutions

Full-range of on-demand, live prize competitions available 24/7 including:

- Around-the-clock cash tournaments

- Instant cash challenge matches

- Instant fantasy challenge matches for cash

- Buddy cash tournaments

- Cash leagues

- Sponsored 'Big Prize' tournaments

- Grand 'accumulator' tournaments

Full-range of social networking functions, including:

- Instant messaging

- Chat rooms

- Forum

- Manager rankings

- In-line match TV

- Site search

- Site statistics

About Global coreSports Limited:

Global coreSports Limited is a developer and provider of massively multiplayer online skill-based prize gaming titles. The company was spun out of technology consulting and new ventures group Execute Technologies Inc in 2005. The company's prize gaming technology platform combines client/server know-how with novel, in-silico technologies drawn from the biotechnology industries to deliver live and on-demand gaming competition and social interaction. The core platform can be configured with any strategic sports management game and can be readily ported to online, fixed terminal and 3G formats.

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