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UnrealScript Studio

Second place bagged in "Best Tool" category of Make Something Unreal contest.


AUSTIN, TX – September 23, 2008 – Pixel Mine's internally developed UnrealScript Studio development environment for UnrealEngine3 won second place in the Best Tool category for the Make Something Unreal contest. The winners were announced on Tuesday, September 16th at the Austin Game Developer's Conference.

UnrealScript Studio includes the first UnrealScript 3 source-level debugger to successfully tie into the familiar Visual Studio experience. It includes support for breakpoints, stepping, locals, user watches, the Immediate window, and the Quick Watch window. Even subtle features like hovering over a variable in the source code to see its value while debugging have been implemented.

“We built UnrealScript Studio as a language service for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. This provides a familiar interface that effectively eliminates the time it takes to become proficient with the editor's abilities,” says Sam Harwell, project lead on UnrealScript Studio. “It includes both an advanced text editor with IntelliSense and a source-level debugger for UnrealScript 3 that are fully integrated into Visual Studio.”

Pixel Mine is releasing UnrealScript Studio under a dual end-user license: a Commercial license, available soon from the Pixel Mine online store and a 100% free, strictly non-commercial license, which can be used by the Unreal modding community as well as students and institutions of higher learning. More information about UnrealScript Studio can be found here.

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