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Teleporting sci-fi shooter unveiled along with a contest to name it

With excitement for the US launch of Coconut Dodge still in the air, UK studio FuturLab has announced a competition to name their next game, a futuristic shoot ‘em up that features a unique teleport mechanic!

FuturLab had the PlayStation community scratching their heads last week with a mysterious jigsaw puzzle spanning 16 gaming sites including IGN and TheSixthAxis. The puzzle led to today’s reveal on the PlayStation Blog, with an invitation to name the new game, and download the theme tune to help readers share in the vision for the product.

FuturLab’s Managing Director, James Marsden said: “Coconut Dodge has been scoring very well with reviewers and gamers, with many people considering it the best example of what the minis platform can offer. However, with only a tiny budget for marketing we’ve found it very difficult to get traction with a larger audience. So, this time we thought of a way to get as much attention as possible!”

John Griffin, FuturLab’s New Projects Director added: “The puzzle was a creative way to grab people’s attention, and this competition is a great way to invite fans of Coconut Dodge and the wider gaming community to take part in our next production. People can suggest names for the game in addition to the lead character, and we can’t wait to see what people come up with!”

To participate in this competition, visit

For additional information about this game, please visit the Blog of FuturLab:

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Launched in 2003 as a vehicle to realise ideas, FuturLab has facilitated an interesting journey from ecommerce websites to a range of high-end Flash games and an international marketing campaign for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in 2008.

After forging relationships with some of the world’s most respected pioneers of entertainment, FuturLab began pushing original IP through to gaming platforms such as Sony PlayStation Portable and iOS Devices.

In 2010 FuturLab self-published their first handheld console title, Coconut Dodge. After receiving critical success with many reviewers awarding a perfect score, Coconut Dodge now sits among the best scoring PSP games on Coconut Dodge also continues to battle it out for second place behind Tetris on the European PlayStation Store.

For more information, visit

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