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Unlock the true potential of Xbox 360® with Xploder Media Center

Watch your DivX, Xvid, MPEG and WMV movies in High Definition (HD) on your Xbox 360


Fire launches Xploder 360 Media Center - the complete media management solution for your digital media files via the Xbox 360

One of the few limitations of the Xbox 360 is that it is unable to store and play movies and music from the built-in Hard Drive. Digital media files must be streamed from a Windows Media Center PC via an Ethernet cable, but many movie and music file formats are incompatible with the console, and need to be converted in order to playback successfully.

Xploder 360 Media Center is a complete single point PC-based media store for all your movie and music files allowing seamless streaming to your Xbox 360.

Xploder Media Center provides you with the ability to stream your own downloaded or compressed movies, including DivX, Xvid, MPEG and WMV, for playback in High Definition on Xbox 360*.

Once connected to the PC, on-screen navigation allows you to view your entire digital movie collection via the TV. Simply select the movie you wish to view and Xploder takes care of the rest - converting incompatible files and streaming them to the TV in real-time. Xploder also provides access to the fast-forward and rewind functions on the Xbox console.

Xploder Media Center also enables users to import music CDs to MP3 via an 'iTunes style' interface, including an online database for Artist, Track and Album names. Scroll through your complete digital music collection via the TV, select your favourite tracks and sit back, Xploder will stream the music from PC to Xbox 360 for playback via surround sound on your TV or AV system.

Complete with a three metre Ethernet cable and crossover adaptor, Xploder Media Center is also compatible with your 360 - PC wireless connection.

*Windows® Media Center Software Required

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At E3, Fire will be located in the West Hall - Stand 2228 (part of the Elspa/Tiga UK Pavilion).

Members of the Fire Management team will be available for interviews, discussion and informal meetings during the E3 show - for further details, please contact:

International PR/Media Contact:
Phil Holmes
Marketing Manager
Fire International Ltd.
cell: +44 (0) 7717 713876

USA Representative:
Brian Minogue
National Sales Manager
Fire Inc.
cell: +1 (847) 525 2285

International Sales:
Dean Harvey
International Sales Manager
Fire International Ltd.
cell: +44 (0) 7788 420879

Fire is also keen to explore covermount and promotional opportunities with leading consumer publications - for further details, please contact Phil Holmes.

About Fire International Ltd:
FIRE develops, manufactures and supplies worldwide a comprehensive range of console and PC based media management and video game enhancement utilities under the Xploder and Blaze brand-names.

As an MPEG4/AAC licensee, Fire provide advanced media conversion of video and music for use on PSP, Xbox 360, PS2, DS, Mobile Handsets and iPod as a single access point. Cross-platform media management solutions are available for all media, whatever the system.

The Blaze brand has been recently been used to re-launch a range of innovative bespoke accessory lines for major videogame consoles, available in sector leading metal packaging.

Fire provides OEM solutions for own-label product ranges across a wide variety of accessories, hardware and software. Products include: Xploder PSP Movie Player, Xploder PSP Music Studio, Blaze PSP Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case, Xploder Xbox 360 Media Centre, Xploder PS2 Media Centre, Blaze PS2 HDTV Adaptor, Blaze PS2 Mini Pro Shock Wireless Controller, Xploder DS CheatSaves and Xploder iPod Media Centre.

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