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Unity - Union

Unity Technologies launches new division to help developers access new platforms.

San Francisco, CA - November 10, 2010 – Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity development platform for interactive 3D content on the web and mobile devices, today announced a new division – Union – in the keynote at Unite 2010, the company’s fourth annual developer conference.

Union is a new business unit of Unity Technologies, created to help Unity-based games reach a broader audience. The effort focuses on new platforms, new devices and closed channels which would otherwise be difficult for developers to access. Union will be led by General Manager Brett Seyler, who also serves as VP of Strategy.

Union has been formed in response to the increasing demand for Unity authored games across multiple platforms including mobile devices, connected TVs and set-top boxes and will provide a central resource for the best Unity content.

“We have encountered a huge thirst for great games from a huge range of platforms, and a broad range of these opportunities are currently only being captured by large game publishers. With Union, we help smaller developers band together to approach these opportunities as one,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “We see Union as a further step on the road to the democratization of game development - a road that started with technology but can go much further.”

“Union offers game developers a one-stop route to a wide range of revenue streams, allowing them to focus more energy on making great games instead of worrying about how to make money,” said Brett Seyler, GM of Union and VP of Strategy. “Platform owners are thrilled to sign up great games from a variety of developers through a single point of contact – there’s enormous mutual benefit to be unlocked here.”

In bringing Unity-based games to new platforms and channels, Union automates the porting process by basing it on the highly portable Unity game engine. Additionally, Union provides porting and testing teams to assist developers in tuning their games for the target platform and for making technical adjustments to maximize the games’ potential. Union also provides a healthy return; developers will collect 80 percent of net revenues generated by their games.

Developers interesting in joining Union can sign up now by visiting

Platform owners interested in sourcing Unity authored can contact

To get the free and feature-packed Unity for creating games and interactive visualizations, simply visit

About Unite 2010

Unity Technologies is holding Unite 2010, its fourth annual developer conference for artists, programmers, designers, researchers, publishers and enthusiasts, November 10-12 at the historic Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, Canada following the Montreal International Game Summit. Unite 2010 will offer three days of material including advanced hands-on classes and technical sessions, and there will be plenty of time to network, socialize and have fun. Unite 2010 is sponsored by Intel, Nvidia, Design3, Electrotank, Exit Games, Mixamo, Qualcomm and Panasonic. For more information on Unite 2010, visit

About Unity Technologies?

Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game industry, was named one of the top five game companies of 2009 by Gamasutra after just four years on the market and received Develop Magazine's coveted Grand Prix and Technical Innovation Awards and The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in 2010. Today Unity Technologies has more than 250,000 registered users worldwide -- including Bigpoint, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Disney, Electronic Arts, LEGO, Microsoft, NASA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., large and small studios, independent professionals, students and hobbyists -- using the Unity platform to develop high-quality interactive 3D content for the web, mobile and console. Unity Technologies is one of the fastest growing software companies and is aggressively innovating to expand usability, power and platform reach so that it can deliver on its vision of democratizing interactive 3D technology. Unity Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco and has development offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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