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United Games unleashes its third teaser trailer onto the internet features footage from forthcoming games.

Following United Games' PlayStation Portable footage, and "What's Next?" documentary trailer, comes a third trailer [ online by 19:00pm Friday 19th November ], this time giving a glimpse of some of the games footage available in a special showreel section of the DVD, aside from the main documentary. Footage and trailers of both Winter 2004 games, and games not out until well into 2005, from the following publishers:










Microsoft Xbox



Nokia N-gage


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


Vivendi Universal Games

The trailer shows glimpses of Mario 64x4, Resident Evil 4, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tekken 5, and Wipeout Pure, amongst others, and can be accessed from the following URL:

The trailer is soundtracked by Hardcore DJs Abeyance and Shauny C, both from Sunny Telford, with their track "Have you ever?" ( featuring Dougal, Gammer and Jenna ) part of their Revolutions mix on

The DVD Video production, dubbed "What's Next?" features an independent documentary program into the future of videogames, as well as footage of games and hardware due both this Christmas, and into 2005, including exclusive PSP and Nintendo DS footage.

The DVD is due for release in December, but available now to pre-order.

About United Games:

United Games Media was founded in 2004, by Mr AJ Mehta and Mr ACE Okell, to commercialise the activities of United Games - previously a non-profit, fan-made magazine distributed at independent retailers.

United Games Media's first product is "What's Next?", a DVD video documentary on the future of gaming, presented by Emily Booth (previously of Channel 4's BITS).

United Games Media also encompasses United Games' Game eXtra Services, including VHS, DVD, Print, Advert Design, Web Design, and Content Licensing services. Previous clients include JoyStick Junkies, OPM Response, RetroCollector, Interactive Selection, R Muzik and Rowen Bridler.

Contact Details:


United Games Website:

Game-eXtra Website:

What's Next? Website:

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