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Unite 2008

Phil Harrison among speakers at three-day event in Copenhagen.

COPENHAGEN, September 30 – We are pleased to announce that President of Atari Phil Harrison, is to speak at on the first day of our yearly developer conference, October 22-24.

The main event is the Opening Keynote. This is where Unity Technologies will outline its future directions, including:

– Atari President Phil Harrison talking about Unity and the future of gaming

– The launch of Unity's support for the Apple iPhone

– The announcement of the Unity development platform for Windows

Unite 2008 consists of three days tightly packed w! ith talks, hands-on sessions, and community networking events, offering attendees a chance to learn more about Unity and the Unity Web Player, and network with fellow members of the Unity community. Developers, educators, artists, and anyone else interested in using Unity to develop top-quality games and content are invited to attend.

Unity is the leading solution for 3D game development for virtual worlds, MMOs, and browser based casual games. A transformational technology allowing creation and delivery of console quality 3D content for the Web, Unity boasts a full roster of high-end game technology, and support for targeting the browser, the Nintendo Wii, and Apple's iPhone.

The games industry is more dynamic than ever, and a tectonic shift to on-line and innovative business models is changing the game. Unity is part and parcel to this evolution, changing the way production is made and published. Top notch AAA development teams adopt Uni! ty to be able to deliver console quality game experiences in the browser. Smaller teams traditional web-based skills can now create high-quality interactive 3D on the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii.

Event information and signup:

Press event

The keynote starts October 22nd at 10am, and is immediately followed by an exclusive press event, where more new features and future roadmap will be presented. RSVP to required.

About Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies' innovative Unity game engine is the cutting-edge choice for creating visually-rich, 3D games for the desktop, Web, and leading mobile devices and video game consoles. Based in Copenhagen with sales and marketing offices in San Francisco, CA, Unity provides tools to game developers and creative visualization professionals to deliver superior 3D content that can be generated faster and more efficiently than other tool sets. ! Unity customers include leading game developers, educational institutions and industry visionaries: Cartoon Network, Funcom,, Skyworks Technologies, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Smashing Ideas, Trigger, Freeverse, Flashbang Studios, and Three Melons. For more information, visit the Unity website at

About Phil Harrison

Phil Harrison is a leader in the field of interactive entertainment software and hardware with a career that spans over 20 years in this industry. He joins Infogrames from Sony Computer Entertainment, where he most recently was the President of Worldwide Studios and headed the PlayStation video games software development business unit. Under his leadership, Sony created more than 10 original software franchises that have each generated over $100M in revenue.

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