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Unigine v0.33


Unigine is a cross-platform (Win32/Linux) engine of virtual worlds, standing on the bleeding edge of the technology. Main fields of application are games and virtual reality systems.

Unigine was created taking into consideration that there are a lot of programmers who are familiar with C/C++ and artists who work in 3DStudio or Maya. So Unigine scripts have C/C++ like syntax and there is a set of plugins for 3DStudio and Maya to provide opportunity of work in accustomed enviroment to our customers. We hope this will increase development speed of your Unigine-based application.

You can download Unigine v0.33 demos to become acquainted with its capabilities by yourself:

Rendering engine

  • Pixel Shader 3.0 technology support
  • HDR (64-bit color High Dynamic Range rendering)
  • PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer)
  • Dynamic shadowing (including soft stencil shadows)
  • Per-pixel normal mapped lighting
  • Postprocessing effects: motion blur, refraction
  • Volumetric environmental effects
  • Particle systems
  • A lot of additional shaders, like sun energy skattering, lightmaps, Fresnel refraction, water and so on (users can add their own ones)
  • Different types of mirrors
  • Skeletal animation system
  • Optimized codepathes for different card generations (nv30, nv40)
  • Seamlessly interconnected indoor and outdoor scenes

Physics engine

  • Rigid body physics system
  • Ragdoll character animation
  • Complex mechanisms
  • Ray car physics
  • Destroyable joints
  • Fluid buoyancy
  • Physics-driven sound

Graphic User Interface

  • Various widgets
  • Containers
  • Dialogs
  • Viewports
  • Easy-to-use UI files format
  • Activation animation
  • 3D effects
  • True Type fonts support
  • Unicode support


Unigine v0.33 provides PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer), which is much more advanced lighting technology than widespread lightmaps. PRT technology (also known as "Sherical Harmonic Lighting") allows high-realistic lighting with soft shadows in real time from global light. By the means of PRT you can move global light source in real time any way you like and there will be correct area lighting in the scene (e.g. you can use moving sun at no cost). Unigine v0.33 contains distributed computing PRT maps generation tool.


  • Material editor with support of MESH, 3DS, LWO files
  • Tool for normal map generation for low-poly models
  • Unigine data archiver
  • Distributed PRT calculation tool
  • 3DStudio mesh export/import plugin
  • Maya mesh export/import plugin
  • 3DStudio skinned mesh export plugin

Scripting system

  • C/C++ like scripts syntax
  • Fast bytecode script compiler
  • Threads with fixed FPS
  • Classes with polymorphism
  • Performance profiling

Unigine scripting system v0.33 has nearly double speed increase in comparison with v0.32. Detailed performance tests of old GLSH (based on Unigine v0.32) can be found at our website ( (including sources of tests).

What's new since v0.32

  • PRT support in render
  • Render speedup
  • Distributed PRT calculation tool
  • Classes with polymorphism
  • 'File' built-in class accessible via scripts
  • Quaternions support in scripts
  • Bytecode compiler speedup (25-80% faster in some tests)
  • True Type fonts support
  • Unicode support

Waiting for Unigine v0.4

Are you interested in next major release, Unigine v0.4 (see roadmap - If so, you can get early access to it and 50% discount for Unigine v0.4 licenses by getting a license (per-developer or site unlimited one) for Unigine v0.33 now.

"Let's grow up together" programme

Unigine Corp. is rather young company but our engine is already a high-tech solution for game development and it grows fast and steadily. We realize that there are a lot of indie developers who have a brilliant idea and a team but no engine for their projects. We want to help such teams, so we introduce a new programme "Let's grow up together".

What exactly do we propose to independent teams?

1. We provide a Unigine v0.33 license and technical support to your team at very low price ($495 per developer)

2. You make a Unigine-based demo of your project and obtain funding from a publisher or whoever else

3. You pay the rest of special license cost ($1490) only after getting funding

4. We provide you 50% discount for next Unigine release (v0.4)

As a result you get access to next-gen engine and thus a chance to make a reality of your ideas and dreams.

About Unigine Corp.

Unigine Corp. is an international distributed team grown from project. Aim of the company is to provide a high-end graphics and physics engine, which will be widely available.

For more information about Unigine visit our website ( or e-mail

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