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Undercover: Operation Wintersun – Meet Dr. John Russell

Hamburg, Germany: June 29, 2006 - The adventure experts from ANACONDA are giving a new detailed look at the protagonist of the upcoming hit adventure game Undercover: operation Wintersun. In the role of Dr. John Russell, players will take on a most dangerous and critical mission: recruited by the British intelligence service MI6, he is sent deep into the heart of the Third Reich at the height of the Second World War to track down information on a secret German program to develop a weapon of mass destruction.

Dr. Russell is a renowned researcher in the field of physics and a brilliant mind. When MI6 manages to obtain explosive Nazi documents, he is called in to give his expertise. The documents point towards the development of a new, devastating weapons system by German scientists, but they are not conclusive. Further intelligence is critical and can only be retrieved in Nazi Germany itself. MI6 is dependent on Russell's expert knowledge - he has to be sent into the Third Reich. An immense risk for the agency, seeing as Russell is not a trained agent and far from an action hero.

Yet, MI6 has no choice but to take that risk: too horrible the thought that the Nazis succeed in constructing such a horrific weapon and nothing had been done to stop them.

And so Russell soon finds himself on the way to Berlin. He receives some help from an agent that accompanies him into enemy territory, but this professional can't follow him on all his excursions into the heavily guarded institutions of the Nazi war machine. The closer Dr. Russell gets to the horrible truth, the more he realizes that the fate of the world rests in his hands alone! A dangerous game is afoot, for an undercover spy can never let down his guard for even a minute...

Even though the story of Undercover: Operation Wintersun is fictitious, it is grounded in historic facts, framed both by authentic details and actual events, as well as myths and speculation about the Third Reich. Intricately designed backgrounds, detailed 3D animation and many cinematic cutscenes create a frighteningly real atmosphere.

ANACONDA will release the adventure game Undercover: Operation Wintersun by the end of September. It is being developed by the Austrian team of Sproing.

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