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Unbounded Universe of Diverse Adventures Awaits You in 1000 Crystals of Altaxia

For immediate release

February 20, 2007

Very Big Games announces the release of version 1.1 of 1,000 Crystals of Altaxia, an epic non-linear quest to save the mankind, featuring three unique types of gameplay along with immense exploration space, encompassing about 36,000 different levels.

At times, you may think that science discoveries come one after another, so at least by the forth millennium, the mankind will be the most developed race, ruling numerous solar systems. But future appears to be much less promising. The hordes of hostile invaders, carrying pre-eminent technologies, break out a slaughtering war and the humanity is about to face the extinction.

The only ray of hope gleams, when somewhere in the outskirts of the galaxy one expedition stumbles upon the abandoned warship of the Ancients that possesses terrifying power, using which people will be able to decisively repulse the impending threat coming from the aliens.

However, to make the vessel up and running, it is required to collect 1,000 of Altaxium crystals, scattered around the whole universe. As the time presses, the forces of Earth create a spaceship capable of trans-galactic travel and assign their best pilot to collect the crystals. Are you courageous enough to assume this role and struggle for the existence of your race?

The key feature of the game is its almost unbounded exploration territory. The universe consists of 192 galaxies, within each there are 192 sectors, i.e. available levels, each with its own distinctive design. Even more, every time you begin a new game, the universe will be recreated providing you with a different game experience, so the absorbing gameplay can last for ages.

1,000 Crystals of Altaxia offers a smashing cocktail of the most captivating gameplay types. Engage in fierce alien encounters in Galaga style, resort to your quick-wits finding a way through the mine fields like in arkanoid, or show some skills of higher aerobatics maneuvering in the elaborate space labyrinths, destroying obstacles, picking up power-ups and money.

With the money you obtain, you can visit The Upgrade Shop to spend your wealth on various weapons and ship improvements, turning your vessel into a formidable foe for your adversaries. Another place to come is Space Taverns, where you can purchase the maps with location of the crystals, buy upgrades and additional lives, or simply get a drink and gamble your money away.

The vivid combination of diverse three gameplay styles and the colossal playground space make 1,000 Crystals of Altaxia a great never-ending entertainment for everyone!

Pricing and Availability

1000 Crystals of Altaxia runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $24,95 (US) for a single-user license. You can also rent the game for 3 days for $3 or for 10 days for $6. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Further information on 1000 Crystals of Altaxia, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from

About Very Big Games

Very Big Games specializes in the development of high-quality game software since 2003. The company's motto is "Huge and unique Fantasy and Science Fiction Games". For more information, please visit the company's site at

NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have any questions or would like any additional information on 1000 Crystals of Altaxia. Contact Marek Naum at A free registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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