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UltraGames101™ Announces UltraGames101 Game Expo 2008 Dates And Venue

Leading Canada Video Game Marketing Firm Announces Game Expo Official Datefs and Venue Location

TORONTO - (November 07, 2008) - The Official UltraGames101 Game Expo 2008 ( www.ultragames101expo.com), will be held at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre on August 22-24 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, and will combine the best elements of the Biggest video game trade show into a consumer event celebrating the video game industry's present and future, UltraGames101 Marketing (UG101) announced today.

Consumers will have the opportunity to attend major press events, and to have intimate meetings in premier Convention Halls and meeting rooms with media, retailers, developer partners, and other audiences. In addition, the UltraGames101 Game Expo 2K8 will be converted into a software showcase where attendees will be able to casually test drive the featured video games planned for the coming holiday season and beyond.

"Game Expo is the Ultimate event for people like you with a passion for video games and interactive entertainment, who want to test-drive all the latest games and gadgets before you buy them. The event offers that opportunity, and then some. Other offerings include social and professional networking opportunities, game stages, Live Band concerts, and of course Booth Girls!. Game Expo is Canada's Largest Public Gaming Event! With Attendee's from all over the world who attend each year, and is a featured event of FanExpoCanada. With well over 200,000sq ft of Gaming space and 43,000 Attendee's you know it's an event worth coming too.

Stay tuned as we prepare for launch of Game Expo 2K8! August 22-24, in Toronto's Ultimate Complex Venue The Toronto Metro Convention Center. Said Mark Bartkowiak, President of the UltraGames101 Inc. "It's North America's Largest Video Game event to hit Canada! And we brought more Attendee's then PAX and EforAllExpo did which turned out to be a great Success!."

The event will give consumers the chance to demo games on their own time and to check out offerings from both the best known and emerging game publishers and developers,"

Evenings will be a time for receptions and parties so company participants can interact at the informal events that can party and watch the hottest video games to come out throughout the year.

"The UltraGames101 Game Expo 2K8 is first and foremost biggest video game event to hit Canada! "It is a Featured Event of FanExpoCanada and we are happy to be part of FanExpo Canada!" said Mark Bartkowiak, President of UltraGames101 Inc. And after careful consideration UltraGames101 and HobbyStar Marketing have partnered up to make this event happen. To play games, network, and socialize, to see major company offerings while also preserving the sense of discovery that is so much to come to UltraGames101 Game Expo 2K8," said Mark Bartkowiak, President of UltraGames101 Inc. "We believe the event we are about to shape will fulfill all those needs for the consumers."

The Toronto Metro Convention Center chosen for the event, a short drive from the hotels, will allow participating companies to showcase their games in standardized, turnkey displays areas ranging from 100 square feet to 400 square feet. All display areas will be developed by show management to ensure that the venue is staged efficiently.

As noted, the event will be open to all public. Companies involved in PC, online, console, and mobile game publishing and developing, as well as makers of video game hardware and peripherals will be eligible to participate. Attendance at meetings, and demonstrations will be by invitation only. UltraGames101 Game Expo 2K8 expects that event bookings will be launched within the next 3 months.

About UltraGames101

UltraGames101.com is Canada's leading Video Game Marketing Firm and is a specialized marketing agency that services the game industry. We assist game companies in promoting their products, services and communities. For consumer advertisers, we connect their brands with large audiences through our established relationships with game influencers. Our client base includes game developers, publishers, media properties and consumer advertisers. Our strategic alliances and the experience we have amassed affords us our competitive advantage, we offer a complete line of standard agency services as well as custom solutions.

About Fan Expo Canada

Largest Pop Culture event in Canada and 3rd largest in North America.

Considered by many as the "San Diego Comicon of Canada".

13th annual event.

Over 600 retailer spaces, always sold out months in advance.

Over 200,000 square feet.

Over 42,000 attendees in 2006.

Always providing the Industry's hottest guests.

Over 300 members of the press attended, and millions of media impressions were made, with coverage by major media outlets including Global TV, CityTV, CTV, Space, OMNI, CBC, YTV, G4 Tech MTV, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Toronto Sun, National Post, Metro, Now, Eye, Toronto Life, and all local and national radio stations.

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